John Murry / Press

"The Graceless Age" is filled with frightening fever dreams. The fear comes not from Poe-esque horror but from the knowledge that Murry is telling the truth. And it's a personal truth, at that. Refreshing in a musical landscape riddled with irony.."

David Westford - Pitchfork

“Murry's solo debut "The Graceless Age", unlike other long-awaited releases from artists previously relegated to duos, bands, etc., proves itself in spades. From the 9 minute opiate drenched piano ballad "Little Colored Balloons" to the catchy-as-hell "California", Murry proves his prowess as a songwriter. No longer will there be any doubt regarding who wrote what on Frank and Murry's "World Without End". The student was never the student but an equal. And no longer will Tim Mooney be solely credited alone with the sonic wizardry he and Murry have created over the past several years. Now what to wait for will be the second record. And I assume Murry will take his sweet time once again....”

Sean Malloy - The Irish Times

“ "[H]orror tras horror, sin que nada impida a la música de World without end envolver al oyente." ”

Ramón Fernández Escobar - EL PAIS

“On World Without End: "World Without End is all bullets, blades and guilt without end…. With his low, hanging-judge drawl, Murry sounds as severe and modern as Leonard Cohen, while Frank sings with a deep, gritty authority that may remind you of Warren Zevon — if you don’t already know Frank’s solo work, including his magnificently stark 1972 Vanguard LP, Bob Frank. Tim Mooney’s production here is as antique as a sepia print — but also as immediate as the country anguish he makes in his own band, American Music Club.””

David Fricke - Rolling Stone

“On World Without End: “a dazzling collection of blasted country folk and grimly haunting murder ballads, shot through with harrowing images of death, damnation and eternal suffering, Legendary producer Jim Dickinson (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Big Star) describes the record as “timeless as death” and Frank as “the greatest songwriter you never heard”. On the evidence of this, Jim’s right on both counts””

Allan Jones - UNCUT Magazine