John Meed / Press

“I liked Pavilion Parade, said it all really... who said political songwriting was dead?”

Eric Bogle

“This is John Meed's fourth album and one that builds well on his strengths. The spirit of folk music is alive, well and delightfully accompanied, long may it continue.”

“Just lovely. Pavilion Parade is all about observation, which is what good songwriting should be.”

Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

“I really enjoyed Pavilion Parade, and particularly Na Zdorovye”

Frank Hennessy, BBC Wales

“A Cambridge based singer and song writer who entertained us wonderfully in 2010”

“The Open Mic Night at Man on the moon has attracted some of Cambridge's best singer/songwriters, with the likes of Will Makower, John Meed and Andy Buclaw.”

“The most mundane of subjects is suddenly unexpected and joyous.”

“John Meed’s beautifully melodic heartfelt songs range across war, the world, injustice and love.”

“Thanks so much for contributing in a big way to what was another very buzzy night at the Club. Thanks especially for bringing in such a great audience.”

“This is the third John Meed album we've covered and I continue to be impressed by his sense of narrative and perception.”

“‘Le Train De Grande Vitesse’ is a fine example of what John’s lilting, part-spoken vocal and clever lyrics bring to the table, as they take you on a journey through the historical ages.”

“Most people can work, how many can entertain? Well John Meed can for a start.”