John McLeod / Press

“I can’t say McLeod’s music perceptibly reflects his native culture, but in the huge melting pot that is North America, I imagine it’s becoming almost impossible to truly understand any one person’s cultural legacy. Anyway, John McLeod plays country music. A simple enough statement, which somehow manages to omit all the important stuff. Let’s try again. John McLeod plays country music with a keen ear for a sublime lyric, a splendid retro feel, and a healthy disregard for contemporary Nashville sheen. That’s better. His whole approach to music seems to refer back to another time. “Country Blues” owes a deal more to Hank Williams Sr. than any recent corn-fed hat model you care to mention. “Desert Drifting” is one of those great Americana wandering songs & “Newfoundlander Man”, a fine example of blue collar, working man blues. Fans of old timers like ...Hank Sr. will find much here to enjoy, but equally, if u r enamoured with artists like Mark Brine...u should have”

“John McLeod is a unique artist with a unique point of view. These songs evoke stories and capture emotion while staying within a fairly traditional country format. It is easy to relate to his everyman persona and drift off into his world... which covers a wide, wide patch of this earth. Sort of a worldy, spiritual Willie Nelson, if you will.”

“When you truly believe in yourself, you never second guess the decisions you make to make your dreams come true. A proposition to make a dream a reality is something to be held inside your heart and released with the tools that our creator has passed on to us. One of the gifts that are pure and original is the ability to have the talent of creating music. His voice is unique and full of story. M←tis Indian Song' from the album, Moving On', which describes his journey that brings him to where he is now. "I'm a northern Canadian Indian, made of stone and red clay soil, I got M←tis blood deep within me, when I was born it began to boil", is a taste of lyrical genius that John created in that song which is full of guitar, drum and fiddle everything you need to make a beautiful song about your heritage, culture and influence. The more I hear it, the prouder I am to be an Original, Unique, Northern Canadian Indian.”