John Maxfield / Press

“The RFT commemorates the end of John Maxfield's 2005 Solo Tour in support of the album "Elevator."”

“Riverfront Times reports that John Maxfield's 'The Status Quo' is one of the best-selling albums in Saint Louis.”

“Riverfront Times Reviewer Christian Schaeffer praises 'Hullabalooga,' John Maxfield's fourth album."”

“Riverfront Times Music Editor Annie Zaleski praises the collaborative efforts of John Maxfield and Jonathan Toth From Hoth on 'The Lovecycle,' Toth's second solo album.”

“Playback Magazine: "Will E. Smith praises the songwriting, guitar playing, singing, and genre-bending of John Maxfield's fifth album, 'The Status Quo,' and compares JM to Steely Dan, Cream, R.E.M., and Bob Dylan.”

“LA Weekly Music Editor Ben Weshoff documents his experimental studio experiences with John Maxfield and Jonathan Toth From Hoth.”

“Playback Magazine said in the review of 'Hullabalooga' that "John Maxfield is a master of his craft," and compares JM to Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, Death Cab for Cutie, The Rolling Stones. "{Lord Have Mercy} It's a very fun song, full of whimsy, and some down-home slide guitar that the Rolling Stones forgot how to put down 25 years ago."”