John Lester / Press

“On each track, singer/bassist John Lester strikes me as someone who knows how to tell the story, allowing the listener to hear these old songs in compelling new ways. That's what jazz and good songs do best. So regarding that question mark in the title, the answer is yes!”

Bob Rogers - taintradio.org - JazzWeek's Internet Station of the Year 2011

"With the backing of a wonderful trio....John has taken these rock songs and transformed then into compelling new musical short stories with a jazz subtext. Whether it be covering Counting Crows, Don Henley or Pearl Jam...John Lester will get you hooked immediately. I've reviewed literally hundreds of CDs over the past year and I can honestly say that “Jazz?” is one of the most compelling I've heard from the first note to the last."

Eric Cohen - WAER, Syracuse, NY

"To those who say Jazz is Dead: You haven' t heard John Lester."

Jon Norton - GLT Jazz