John Laurence / Press

“Best Jazz Song, January 2016. "John Laurence can groove - not an automatic proposition among jazz practitioners, who are sometimes too clinical to make it sound right - and his new single has gorgeous key and string arrangements too."”

“The crisp playing style of Laurence during Prelude No. 3 in C Major indicates a maturity to the playing style that will draw listeners to the composition in droves. There is a narrative that is created through the tempered playing style that few performers can muster, while the richness of the production makes it easy for listeners to discern precisely what is being presented here. A hair over four minutes, Laurence’s performance in Prelude No. 3 in C Major will resound for weeks, if not months, in the minds and hearts of anyone fortunate enough to happen upon the arrangement.”

“On 'Why Are You Doing This To Me' “The intro is rhythmic and captures the listeners interest immediately. The subject of the song is perfectly original. The lyrics are also original, which holds a massive appeal these days. The quirky story the song tells and the simple but pleasant instrumentals with the melancholy vocals is the perfect combination. This artist has excellent potential, and could definitely be very successful in the future. There are no changes I can recommend . . . . balanced, harmonious and unique sound. keep up the good work!””

Anon. - From a ReverbNation crowd review

"You have a passion for music & life that comes out in your heartfelt songs"

Jenn - Fan message

"I've been playing your CD over and over, you've got a great future singing and songwriting"

Phyl - Personal message