John Keller / Press

“John Keller writes songs that have souls of their own. He paints characters and images in your mind so clearly that it's almost like he draws the audience into the story.”

"Captive Audio" - "Keller is a master guitar player and his skills are on display here. ...Great rhythms and melodies...delvering riffs with characteristic flair."

“(He) pulls you in with pop branded Americana/folk sound as Keller’s honest vocals captivate you and make you pay attention. ...Tracks that show off Keller’s great guitar work, signifying his passion, makes for a true, from the heart album...”

“...Keller's sound is his own...Distill(s) the various elements of his style down to the barest of essentials and make them more accessible. ...Unassuming and pleasurable listen. You'll be humming along to the songs on this disc. 7/10”

“Keller... has created numerous musical opportunities... (His) commitment to fostering original music is evident on his newest CD.”

“(John has) a singer/songwriter sense of passion, a connection between himself & what he's singing about, whether it's autobiographical or a lyric put together from other sources, dreams, etc., this is personal.”


“Soulful singing lifts even the most down-trodden spirits. His voice is what stands out, he makes the transition between a heavy, southern drawl to a soft, melodic touch... a caressing of the eardrums. His guitar play is exceptional and combines blues, jazz, & country into a fluid sound of harmony.”

Ken Polisse - Life & Times

““Hard Luck Highway” Comparisons to Springsteen’s “Nebraska” have been drawn, and they are accurate. The songs are minimal in instrumentation, accompanying himself in an up-close-and-personal style, with excellent folksy acoustic guitar work by Keller. It reminds me of 70s-era David Crosby”