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“So the test is “would this cd be on rotation in my playlist”? Overall John Karl’s CD “Redneck Rich and Hillbilly Happy” is pretty solid--it is lyrically and musically worth the listen. John’s style is uplifting and encompasses old country and catchy new country with a surprisingly good acapella tune thrown in to boot. Several of the cuts stand out as being radio ready and make good contenders for being released as singles.The songwriting, music, and just the right blend of vocals makes this cd worthy of replay.”

Cathy Anne - Internet CD Reviews

“GLENS FALL - Country music returned to the Glens Falls Civic Center. Like other performers this weekend, the group reflected on the events of last week, their indecision ablout playing, and the joy that for a few hours they could take their fans away from their concerns. For those in attendance, it proved the right decision. Dreams of country music stardom have driven untold thousands of singers and writers to Music City U.S.A., and the vast majority have wound up back home. On the basis of his impressive opening s et, Schenectady's John Karl might be one of the few to beat the long odds. Resembling Garth Brooks in stature, dress and stage gymnastics and more modern male acts like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney in approach, even performing the latter's "how Forever Feels, " John Karl rose above the dreaded Civic Center acoustics to display a winning stage presence and, with his the title track of his debut CD "There Goes the Neighborhood," a knack for a well-turned phrase.”

Mike Curtin - Post Star

“Dean Guitars line of acoustic guitars contains both unique and traditional acoustic guitar styles. They have a v-shaped acoustic called the V Coustic as well as both traditional and traditional cutaway models. Some of their other acoustic guitar series include the Artist, Exoticglass, Exoticwood, Tradition, Evocouostic, Gypsy, Espana, and the Schenker models. For more information on their acoustic guitar styles and models visit their website at deanguitars.com. You can t mention Dean Guitars without considering the artists who play them. Michael Schenker with both UFO and the Scorpions also has his own line of guitars with the company. Other artists include the late Randy Rhoads, Sammy Hagar, John McAffee, Dimebag Darryl, Daryle Singletary, John Karl, C. Wayne, and ZZ Top. For player profiles and a more extensive list, visit the website. ”

“Beating odds so far Although Karl may not be a national name yet, he's managed to survive in the country music industry while many of his peers haven't. "Something like 90,000 people move here every year to be a country music legend, and over the next year over 45 percent of that go home," he said. "The next year, 75 percent of those people go home. From my 'class,' there are three left -- besides me, there's Josh Thompson, who has a hit out, 'Beer on the Table,' and Jared Neiman, who has a song out called 'Lover, Lover.' " Karl has chosen to go the independent route, releasing albums on the small PourBoy Records. In order to survive, he spends most of his time on the road, driving with his band to all of his shows. About five weeks ago, he drove 13 hours in both directions, spending about $900 in gas, to play one night at a venue in Louisiana. ”