John Davey / Press

“... John Davey's fragile performance showcased his unique, and very welcomed attention to, the fine art of phrasing.”

“In a Whelming Tide is the sound of a singer-songwriter knowing exactly what he wants his album to sound like; a lyrically surprising folk-rock record, rife with tales of young love and tailor-made for star gazing in autumn.”

“... dynamic delivery and well-written lyrics.”

“'In a Whelming Tide'... it's an upbeat but emotional collection of songs..."”

“catchy melodies and classy vocal notes... Davey will mesmerize and surprise you...”

“...worth a closer look if you are a fan of honest songwriting with pop sensibility in indie folk... leading the way the entire time is his voice and his melodies that catch you and stick with you. ”

“Maybe John Davey is of the more anonymous, deeper channeled school of 'one dude with a guitar and a microphone' ... honest and immediately inviting... melancholy in a good way.”