John Henry Olthoff / Press

"Selfish Portraits" album review from Rock NYC Live and Recorded: "Going from melancholic to desperate to amused, from one heartache to another tough times, dark humor runs all over the album, as if Olthoff thought it was the only way to survive the miserable life of loneliness and broken relationships depicted: ‘I remember when you said you’d never leave me/And I hoped that you were lying’ he sings in ‘Don’t walk Away’, or ‘Billy broke his hand beating up his ex-girlfriend/She’d broken his heart, so he figured that made them even’, in ‘Weekend in jail’, and you just have to laugh when he says ‘Because making love with you was better than killing myself/But not much else’, in ‘Not Much Else’."

“Review of "Selfish Portraits" from Lonesome Highway "The 15 songs on his latest release all have merit and while the overall mood of the writing looks toward the darker end of the street, Olthoff's music is, once explored, something to savour. This New York based musician has something to say and here's where he's saying it, selfish or otherwise."”