John Garcia / Press

“Guitarist John Garcia,a tasteful King(Albert,B.B.and Freddie)diciple who's capable of adding a George Benson/Wes Montgomery lick excels throughout - Review for John Lee Hooker Jr's cd " Cold as Ice ".”

Canada's Music Authority

“The song Hard Times which brings the sublime blues guitar of John Garcia to the fore creating an unforgettable slow burning blues classic that makes essential listening - Review from John Lee Hooker Jr's new CD from 2013 "All Hooked Up".”

Blues Connection

“Garcia is a keen almost manic player,bouncing around stage,smiling and grimacing as he ceaselessly explores the fretboard,sliping in a multitude of meticulous phrases.”

David Sherman - The Gazzette - Montreal

"John Garcia is one hell of an entertainer."....Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley

“John Garcia, who I saw and heard alot in the 70s has really developed into guite the guitarist.He lays down perfect backing and when a solo is required,he keeps them melodic,short and sweet.Review from John Lee Hooker Jr. CD, "All Odds Against Me". Grammy Nominated in 2008 ”

Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine

“He's one of the best I've heard in a long time. ....John Lee Hooker”

San Jose Mercury News

“Lead guitarist John Garcia is a singularly superb improvisational musician!....The Washington Star.”

The Washington Star

" John Garcia, an able soloist in the B.B. king and Peter Green tradition.

The Washington Post

“This guy play's the guitar like a classic Porsche:beautiful and Melodic one minute,then leaning into the curves at 210 miles an hour the next!....Brad Kava-Mercury News”

San Jose Mercury News

“Garcia, in particular,established himself as a master of the technically refined genre of Bloomfield et al.”

The Montreal Star

“I call him my inheritance.Not that he was willed to me as property,but as a recommendation by my dad to try "John Garcia.He's bad.".....John Lee Hooker Jr.”

John Lee Hooker Jr.

“The jazz blues swinging Cold As Ice,with amazing guitaist John Garcia Jr.spitting out Mike Bloomfield licks! Quote from John Lee Hooker Jr. CD review of Cold As Ice.”