John Eggers / Press

" I've been reveling in the sound and feel of your songs, all very powerful- instrumentally, vocally, spiritually. There's a cascading life force in each one."

Mercedes Mill - Reverbnation

“We love your tunes, they are all great "the only one","rushing past" but "rise above" is the best- great words of inspiration! ”

Graham/NOMAD 67 - myspace

““Rise Above“ is the first solo release by John Eggers, a veteran of the DC Indie Rock scene. On this intensely personal collection of songs, Eggers plays all the instruments with well-crafted agility and sings in a voice that walks across the tightrope of power and tenderness. But it is the haunting, dreamlike-quality of John’s lead vocals blended with his own backing vocals, which remind one of personal battles with the inner voices in our own heads. Exploring themes such as love, innocence, alienation and dreams deferred, this album moves beyond introspection and plants a brilliant flag of defiance in the hard ground of existence. Each time you listen to “Rise Above“, you will hear new things and dream new dreams. This is an exciting, solid effort from a thoughtful and unique musical voice. ”

Ted Onulak - Helium

“Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "We are All here Now " is a terrific track!”

Pat B. in NYC - Reverbnation