John Egan / Press

“He’s a stomping, hollering bluesman. But in a lot of ways, along with the blues, it’s also got an outsider-folk element to it, like it’s cut from the cloth of a classic Tom Waits record. It’s a really dark and masterful album.”

"Egan sings in a tone that suggests someone is constantly walking over his grave, and his lyrics are loaded with bad mojo like nature gone haywire ('The Mississippi Ran Backwards'), apocalyptic visions ('John the Revelator') and a clenched-teeth cover of Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper."

“John Egan: National steel guitar ace bangs, stomps and howls a rocking blues. His "Phantoms" is one of the year's best local albums.”

“John Egan sets loose eerie "Phantoms"”

“John Egan: After releasing a fiery live album last year the local blues player has a new studio set in Phantoms that finds him slashing away at his National steel guitar.”

“Opening is Houston's John Egan, who does things with a Resonator guitar that have to be illegal in less progressive states.”

“When John Egan shouts the blues, he's hard to miss.”

“John Egan is a one-man wrecking machine”

“Egan's slide guitar fireworks made it seem as though the man was standing on the edge of the apocalypse.”

“When Egan pulls out his shiny National steel 6-string, plugs it in to high voltage, puts his right foot on an amplified wooden stomp box, and taps his effects pedals, he calls up spirits -- ghosts like Chris Whitley, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell.”