Johnee D'Shea / Press

“Johnee on FACEBOOK!”

“94 songs from over 20 years of recording on the Reverbnation playlist. More to be added soon!”

“Johnee is on Twitter! http://twitter.com/johneedshea”

“On the band 1000 Pleasures self titled 1993 album, "One of the rarest Indie releases EVER!!"”

“On Rainmaker's debut album "Walk on Water", "Rare AOR!!"”

“Pop Albums: Rainmaker - Walk on Water”

“Official website operational!”

“Rainmaker - Walk on Water CD's on sale direct from johneedshea.com. Email for more info at the link here.”

“INTERNATIONAL NEWS!! Brian Bart está trabalhando como engenheiro no novo álbum de Johnee D'Shea. Jeff Covington foi confirmado como o tecladista que estará presente no disco.”

“A Music Catalog of Almost 100 Recorded Songs/Demos and Hundreds More in Incomplete Form”

“New Merchandise site just added! Check it out and support the arts and artists! http://www.zazzle.com/johnee69”

“2 NEW songs from 2005 added to the playlist today! 07.12.08”