John Driskell Hopkins / Press

“Daylight is a remarkable album. I heartily recommend it to adventurous bluegrass listeners and those who are solidly within the Americana music world.”

“With slamming acoustic guitar work, rapidfire vocals and a voice that wells up from the bowels of the earth, John Driskell Hopkins roars out the story of an out-of-control locomotive in a way that is genuinely thrilling. Ably backed up by bluegrass stalwarts Balsam Range, the song is as good as anything you’re likely to hear this year.”

“Daylight, by John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range, is the best country album of the year so far.”

“Hopkins’ vocals complement the use of fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and Dobro played by BR to produce a Southern sound that is truly alive... The deep tone of Hopkins’ vocals have the ability to convey edge and grit in songs [with] original lyrics are consistently honest, at times tongue-in-cheek, and at other times thoughtful...”

“Front and center here is Hopkins’ deep, rich and sensual baritone. His singing is warm and melodious in tone, inviting one to pay closer attention... Daylight is deserving of brighter shade.”

“Pure musical joy, with songs ranging across every musical style from bluegrass and gospel to jazz and blues to country... often blinds with dazzling light. ”

“Daylight’s graph would look like the EKG of a person on speed, and every song is a good one. I hope Hopkins is already planning his next CD.”

““It’s Not OK,” a fiddle-driven recitation that, although stylistically derivative of Charlie Daniels, showcases gritty wit and an engrossing delivery by bassist John Hopkins, whose voice, full of gravitas, roars like a grizzly bear.”

“A voice huskier than Charlie Daniels after a hard night. ”

“John Hopkins’ new album, Daylight, has rich vocals and excellent pickers that are wrapped around well-crafted songs. What’s not to love?”

Jim Lauderdale - Award winning songwriter

“...what a great sound for John! I’m excited for people to hear him in this raw and broken-down format, his unique voice front and center! ”

Oliver Wood - The Wood Brothers