John Deery Band / Press

“Like anyone with a dream, he is a man on a journey. He takes one step at a time and then looks back at his footprints in the dust before the wind sweeps them away to the distant corners of the past. Although a musician who strums the guitar and delivers lyrics from a melody train that sometimes chugs slowly and other times slides with the speed of a bullet, he is first a writer of words and messages by his own admission. His lyrics are stories that reach below the surface of everyday and into the depths of someday. .”

“John Deery - Burnin' the Trailer Park Down. Kind of an overlooked gem from '13. Jerry Jeff meets Allmans.”

“Deery’s Burnin’ The Trailer Park Down is an honest southern rock/country album. It reminds me of a compilation CD I once had that had several Southern Rock favorites, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special and The Allman Brothers.”

“They can do rock and country in the same set and never miss a lick.”

Chella Judd - Lake Travis View

"John Deery is someone worth checking out. He has a very unique sound and great original material."

Kendall W. Domingues - The Stars of Texas Magazine