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““An album with the open road in mind. As you'll find out, after a good listen or twenty, is that JDK has created a one of a kind sound without straying too far off that familiar Southern highway.””

““In most forms of creative expression, an artist that doesn’t hide commercial ambitions is often viewed with skepticism by fans and even other artists; but given Kent’s dual duty as both artist and businessman, it was only natural for both sides of his brain to be pumping at the same time. And with Baker’s guidance, he embraced the challenge of successfully merging the realms that many feel should be kept far apart.””

““The overall vibe of the album is definitely JDK while the new stuff shows an artist stretching his legs, and trying to find a good fit. This to me is evidence of not just a good singer or songwriter, but of a craftsman honing his skills and managing to create art out of something outside his comfort zone."”

““Kent’s slick style is inviting instead of insufferable. From the appropriately titled Country Twang through to the surging title track, Kent stirs plenty of rock attitude into gritty country songs to winning effect.””

“This mix of rock and bluesy country is loaded up front with good songs that could also appeal to modern, mass country music audiences.”

““[John David Kent] is turning heads in the industry.” ”

““Kent’s CD is a mix of rock and bluesy country loaded up front with good songs that could also appeal to modern, mass country music audiences. “ ”

Tom Geddie - Buddy Magazine

““Kent’s a natural…with a strong voice and a definite knack for crafting above-average songs with solid hooks and equally mainstream –ready but not dumb lyrics. The ultra-catchy lead single “My Girl” is as irresistible as the sexy tomboy it celebrates.” ”

Richard Skanse - Lonestar Music Magazine

“On “My Girl,” the marriage of Mr. Kent’s deep baritone drawl to fiddle and electric guitars nicely splits the difference between country music’s 1970s outlaw movement and the newer model more popular on fraternity row. ”

“An experienced record producer, a road-tempered performer, an excellent singer with an excellent band, a songwriter with some chops, an arranger with great ideas and a music-biz veteran who knows what sounds good, Kent pulls the right strings to strike responsive chords. ”

“Singer-songwriter Kent and his hearty band of musicians proudly stitch an organic blend of Americana country and Southern rock with commercial sheen and plenty of sing-along appeal on “My Girl,” the band’s debut single. It’s one of those songs that immediately feel like a hit... Kent and his four musical buddies sport the look and sound of real men jamming at a local honky-tonk. These aren’t super-toned male models groomed into a singing career.”

"The band's debut full-length record, being recorded in Garland with Mike Gage engineering and co-producing with the entire band, will offer listeners more of what many have already appreciated from the song that helped open doors for them. While fiddle has begun to disappear from much of the Texas country landscape, Andrew's eloquent sawing joins Graska's scorching lead guitar in carrying much of the sonic weight, teaming together much like the bass and drums do for most bands."

“Kent and his band have a distinct sound that is a blend of down home country and southern rock. They play everything from upbeat boot-stompers to haunting waltzes. Kent’s originals sound like they absolutely have a home on the radio, as he is already making waves in the country scene. His band is a great backing choice; they complement him perfectly, and with fantastic harmonies coming from his lead guitarist, it shows Kent isn’t the only one in the band with singing chops.”

Alyssa Davis - the Blue Light Live

"My Girl is a break-out single, clearly establishing John David Kent as one of the bright young talents in Texas. You'll be hearing his name for a while."