Johndavid Bartlett / Press

“4 stars out of 5 -- "(Producer Paul) Drummond threads 1967-85 demos into a patchwork of brilliance."”


“The ’60s have never left Bartlett. The peace-love-and-understanding vibe that permeates his older material also colors his later work. Four of the songs on Velvet Monkey Wrench were written in the 1960s or 1970, and they dutifully wear the influence of that era: they’re earnest, spirited, and a little flighty. Even recent tracks reflect an idealism specific to yesteryear. “All Over the World,” from 1991, finds Bartlett marveling at the persistence, the tenacity, of nature, rolling on gloriously while “confusions and hatreds and bigotries” cloud our perceptions. Bartlett’s delivery, rough-voiced and a bit plaintive, accentuates the love-in essence of the song. It’s pure ’60s by way of a contemporary, pro-active, aware ’90s pathos.”

Anthony Mariani - Fort Worth Weekly