John Cranford / Press

“Cranford says technology plays a lot in his music. So much so that, often times, when he writes a song, it starts on the computer with beats and manipulations. The lyrics come later. Cranford's strong musical background didn't necessarily come from his parents or grandparents, but from a solid music program at the school system he attended. Hailing from Eau Claire, Wis., Cranford said his musical upbringing included a jazz program and a general band. "I think there's definitely something in the water in my hometown. There's a lot of great music, and I was really fortunate to have a lot of great influence," Cranford says. "There's definitely a sound that generates from the Wisconsin region, and it's interesting to experiment with that." Cranford looks forward to expanding his musical presence in Savannah and hopes to play at many venues across the city. He also looks forward to meeting other local artists and finding a group of musicians to play with.”