John Childers / Press

“Thrillin' is a collection of songs from the heart. From the blazing guitar licks to the quite acoustic moments, every song is filled with straight up delicious songwriting. John's growly voice fits perfectly with the rock and blues, but is also the 'just right' juxtaposition for the softer melodic songs. Each song is beautifully crafted and executed. Love it and you will too !!”

Dena Marchiony, Executive Director, The Philadelphia Songwriters Project

“Thrillin', the new release from John Childers, is the product of a lifetime spent honing a craft. Finally put to tape and freed for all to hear, these songs burst out of your speakers, grab you by the lapels and demand your attention. Whether it's a rocker, a ballad, or a bluesy love song to a car, the time and talent taken to create this collection shines through.”

Charlie Silvestri, Host of " Up Close And Acoustic "

"My NEW FAVORITE songwriter..."

Mike Males, MyRuralRadio.com

“If there is any justice in this world, 'Walls' will be a radio hit. Seriously! Turn it up and you'll hear the sparks leaping from John Childers' guitar strings. Get 'Thrillin'. Listen to it. Then listen again and smack the steering wheel like me and shout, 'Damn, this is great!' to anyone who'll listen.”

Charlie Silvestri - Host of " Up Close And Acoustic "