The Cadleys / Press

“But the real treats in this collection are Cadley’s own compositions, the wistful “Evening” and “It All Adds Up to You.” The latter, a simply gorgeous tune, is a perfect showcase for Wenthen. Cadley’s lyric, a kind of bittersweet ode to a long-suffering relationship, is the work of a first-rate wordsmith (“He says that you’re the reason/ He’s closed all the doors/ And he knows you’d call it treason/ but he don’t care no more.”). Wenthen’s voice gives the tune levity, balancing the song’s complex emotions.”

“The duo, accompanying themselves on guitars, with Cadley switching to mandolin from time to time, has an easy rapport that reveals much about their shared virtuosity and musical kinship. Although they have been performing together for less than a year, their considerable chops give the duo an effortless, tight sound.”