John Brodeur / Press

"Pop records like this may be scarce, but when they are of this caliber, they won't remain under the radar for long."

"Tight, solid, radio-ready Britpop songs. . . [A] commercial-ready product that still manages to dodge the predictability of commercial radio music."

"A wonderfully varied collection of songs that range through Rock, Grunge and Alternative styles without ever losing a distinctive pop appeal. Brodeur writes intelligently, conveying thoughts and stories in a personal style that make the listener feel a part of the show. He might take a listen or two to dig into, because his style isn't exactly the flavor of the month, but careful listening brings great rewards. Brodeur is capable of writing big Pop/Rock songs (see Love And Misery), but is more likely to be the sort of artist who builds a stellar catalog for a not-so-small and appreciative fan base over time."

". . . nice, smooth, sincere pop tunes with a heavy emphasis on vocal melodies and lyrics. In an age of throwaway pop, these recordings immediately stand out like a sore thumb."

“A tight sound held together by solid rhythm work, John Brodeur’s razor-smooth vocals and songwriting, and of course the occasional emotive guitar solo.”

“Brodeur's well-crafted songs combine fascinating imagery and personal lyrics with great musical arrangements.”

Ed Docktor - inquisitor.com

“ "One wild, creative, imaginative ride... Brodeur is a cross between Rufus Wainwright and Beck.”

Jennifer Layton - Indie-music.com

“A gifted songwriter who has the rare ability to craft catchy pop hooks without relying on stock pop-song structures.”

J. Eric Smith - Metroland

“...a richly rewarding recording--11 tunes of ambitious, shimmering pop that stands up against most like-minded major-label efforts. Snappy, crackling-good pop.”

Greg Haymes - Times Union

"Pop records like this may be scarce, but when they are of this caliber, they won't remain under the radar for long."

Performing Songwriter

“When it's done right, there ain't nothing as pleasing as pure happy pop...and Mix Tape is brimming over the edges with plenty of superbly executed upbeat pure happy pop. ... Surprisingly gliding melodies and unusually smart and unusual hooks that are anything but standard fare.”