John & Brittany / Press

".. A fresh take on the classic punk sound."

Elise Yablon - EXAMINER

"Start Sinning.. Good advice."

Little Steven - Little Steven's Underground Garage

“They met in 2008, bonded over their love of The Beatles and The Ramones, and began writing.. smart, crisp power pop and rock songs.”

Bruce Warren - The Key / xpn.org

“..vicious lyrical streak, a garish set of pipes.. keen sense of punk-soul melody and guitar heroics.”

A.D. Amorosi - Philadelphia City Paper

“Although it has the refreshing feel of a diverse playlist, Start Sinning is strikingly cohesive.”

Nick Hancock - THAT MAG

“In 2012 John & Brittany received over $10,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new record, “Start Sinning.” Unlike their EP, this record had a focus before it was written.”

Corrine Weeks - The Triangle (Drexel University)