John Biord / Press

“WOW!!! John, this has got to be the absolutely finest song you've written and the arrangement and production is flawless. I can see this being in a movie as the theme track. Great job of mixing your melody up and keeping it within your power range. It's official, I bow down to the master LOL. Sign the release form because I want to use it on the show!! Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA”

“John Biord's Inspiring Message "Hey Dixie and Derek, just found out my song IF I COULD'VE made it onto the initial 1st round voting ballot for the Grammy's in the category of SONG OF THE YEAR! So I want you to know how very, very much I appreciate all your tremendous efforts securing all the radio airplay you and Triplestrand have gotten this song all around the world . . . "added" on nearly 3,000 radio station playlists to date and still going! That is simply awesome and a HUGE factor in my song qualifying for the Grammy ballot . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'll keep ya posted . . . . !" So all of you Independent Artists out there working your socks off ,writing,composing & performing your songs this shows with hard work determination and never giving up it can be done. We at Triplestrand say to John " well done and we wish you every success , you deserve it.”

“About John's production of the Lord's Prayer: "AMEN John!! You just accomplished something that rarely happens to me with a song--you made me cry. Fabulous music for the Lord's words John and could you please sign the broadcast release for it so I can get it on the show this coming week" ”

“About PRAYER OF A CHANCE: Fabulous John! If this is what comes from "having too much fun" then long may you continue to have a BLAST lol. Oh and John, make me a promise, when you're hugely famous--don't forget us little folk. Well, at least promise you'll send me an autographed picture for my "I knew them when" wall LOL. ”

"It would do good on the Pop stations too, definitely has cross-over possibilities John!! Bravo! I love the song. No offense to Mrs. Biord, but it felt like you were singin' it to me, smashing success." re: LET YOUR ANGEL SHOW.

“John, I love them all. I love to just click on them and listen to them while I am on Face Book and just hanging. You Rock. Keep up the great work.”

“I keeping hitting re-play, re-play, re-play, re-play on my C.D. player in my truck while I'm driving on LET YOUR ANGEL SHOW!!! You'd think I'd know the words by heart. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!”

“John: Just had a chance to listen to Insane and WOW. "John: It's one of those songs that makes me shake my head and wonder WHY you're not signed!! Great song for this summer so keep it in mind." ”

"John: Forgot to tell you, I played Lying Here Today on today's The Americana Collection and you got another superb round of responses from all involved--so you're on a roll!!"

“John,I finally figured out the website and I agree with Heather, you do rock . . .! Congratulations and I couldn't be happier for you and Debbie. "Who wudda thunk it, 5 years ago, when you were freezing your ass in the desert of Nevada. Way to go, man. ”

"When Memories Go Away": "Excellent John and moreover, the song is one of those that MEAN something--not a fluff subject. Fabulous write AND top notch production."

"I have been listening to your music, found myself singing along. You do have that same Bruce Springsteen quality. Congrats - #1 here you come!"

"John, I'm excited for you. Like I said you are a great musician and poet . . ."

“Regarding John's new song "When Memories Go Away" / "I just listened to your new one. That song is gonna be a runaway! I really love the words!" ”

“Regarding John's new song "That You Live" / Feb 2, 2010 / "GORGEOUS. . .it's definitely top notch!! Very nice! Sounds very Bruce Springsteen, wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it John! Dixie McCorkell/Triplestrand Productions”

"Bursting onto the country scene John has a wonderfully earthy voice and gains the attention of listeners from the first note. IF I COULD'VE fits solidly into today's market for top 40 songs "John has been a very popular addition to the show, playing him has the request lines lighting up for more."