John Belanger / Press

"John has been blessed with a wonderfully unique voice and precise vocal control. He has developed his craft to become a quality performer. His love of music and excellent song choices allow him to put soul and passion into his performance. Listeners will enjoy a captivating musical experience."

Pete Davidson Recording Studio Engineer - Private Testimonial

"I've heard John sing in several concert settings. I love his style and feel his passion for music. He has a special voice quality that I find appealing, as if he is expressing the music from the deep recesses of his soul. Check him out if you are looking for a soloist, I highly recommend him."

Nancy McCormick Music Teacher/Pianist - Private Testimonial

"John and I have performed together in a number of different settings for over twenty years. He's a solid performer and a good friend. Give him a listen, he'll do ya' proud!"

Greg Albright Singer-Songwriter - Private Testimonial

"John was instrumental in sparking my interest in the guitar and in music. I can remember as a young guitarist watching John play and trying to figure out what he was doing. He always treats a song with compassion - lots of feel."

Tom Kaper Guitarist/Event Producer - Private Testimonial