Johnathan Dunn / Press

“You will do well with this game, but most importantly in your music career. Unique and dark quality which suits you well and sets you apart from the rest. Thumbs up from me and best to you. Very nice, bro!”

BillyD - stereofame.com

"The Other" - Bad A$$ Myfriend Bad A$$! ~Skinny~

~Team Skinny!~ - stereofame.com

“cool sounds - nice dark/heavy feel here, good emotion”

Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves - stereofame.com

“sick - that outro with the reverse shit is tight on "the other"”

AarsonisT - stereofame.com

“You're guilty... ...of being unique and awesome! You're sentenced to continue making more music. Court adjourned! - The Red Baron”

The Trial - stereofame.com

“Love it! Your stuff is amazing! Ax Wound is particularly cool! Keep up the good and groovy work! Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef”

Wanker of the 1st Degree - stereofame.com

“Once again, I am impressed at how you stand out from the pack. Man you ARE your own genre. Too cool. Hope you are having fun, but most of all, keeping music in front of you always. You have that "IT" thing going on in my opinion.”

BillyD - stereofame.com

“hey man, awesome sound, really dig the tunes... keep rockin!!!”

~Whitiker Forest~ GIGOOTZ.COM - stereofame.com

“Thanks much for the downloads. I like very much, and will be back with thumbs ablaze. Rock on, as you certainly do.”

Obi Das - stereofame.com

“WAKE-Love this...it just grabs my attention and takes me somewhere...I love music so this happens to me quite a bit. I can dig it. You do your thing quite well. I still feel that you are one of the most unique artists here. Thumbs up! My support always, bro!”

BillyD - stereofame.com

“Vain... Fell in love with it on ourstage... totally freakin thrilled to find you on here too! GREATNESS!”

Whimsical Records - stereofame.com

“Loving it man! Just wish we had more singing than whisperin, your music rocks!!! Thumbs up and downloaded baby! AJ”

Lazarus Code - stereofame.com

“You are unique all around. Don't worry about fitting into a certain genre. Do whatever you want to and create your own history, destiny, and dynasty. The beauty of musical expression. You are really good and really different. Use that to your advantage. I like artists like yourself.”

BillyD - stereofame.com

“Great Stuff Your a very talented writer, I enjoyed listening.”

E-ISME - stereofame.com

“My new monitors...are in love with your music! :D Happy new year from Iceland! - Jósef”

Wanker of the 1st Degree - stereofame.com

“I got to listen to some very fine work....enjoyed myself very much...thumbs up on all....thanks Scott”

Kissed by the sun - stereofame.com

“Hey Jonathan...Killer tracks!! ;-) I haven't been on here as much as I would like...So I am comin' by to show my support for you!! Friends through thick and thin always...-Ron”

liquidaudio.org - stereofame.com

“...about to spin your tunes shortly after Fiat...As always its a pleasure being on your page and hearing your one of a kind sound. I still feel that the industry is sleeping on talent like yours. They won't be for long. Keep it up...there is a place for you! Much love bro!”

BillyD - stereofame.com

"Invisible Horizons",really takes me somewhere...very poignant and mysterious, yet subtle. Just something about it really hits me. I am impressed with your musicality and creativity within your work. It speaks volumes to me. I got nothing but love for you bro! Thumbs up and much love! A Pleasure!

BillyD - stereofame.com

“Hi Johnathan I just discovered your tunes this morning. Outstanding work for someone who claims to be self taught. You know, the best artists are the ones who live in the middle of nowhere without distractions.”

Skone Project Inc. - stereofame.com

“You are more than just a guy....you are a talented Artists!..never forget that! Peace!”

Caroline Moore - stereofame.com

“Rock that guitar! Cool tunes. Thanks for keeping rock alive! Thumbs up.”

ProjectX - stereofame.com

"Rock This" is friggin awesome. Yes, it's my new favorite by you. The guitar work is sweet and nice choices on the double bass drum sections. You make me wanna demo you a vocal...."

Hot Rocker - stereofame.com

“So glad to see you online today and being able to hear your great music here. A pleasure to support you and your work. I love these instrumentals, man. You are a monster on that guitar! Love it! Hope all is well with you. Keep in touch man. Thumbs up and much love!”

BillyD - stereofame.com

“Hey I really like your music. My brother is in film and I'd like to forward some of your songs to him. Some of these would sound great in films. Let me know if that's ok with you...great songs!”

Kristin Abernathy - reverbnation.com

“hey man thanks for taking the time to listen to my stuff... i checked out your tunes as well. I dig it! reminds me a of a bit more guitar driven depeche mode, and it's just begging for vocals... I really like the mood your evoking... 'songs for funerals'... nice!”

Clandestiny - Ourstage.com

“hi johnathan, beautiful guitar work. best always, richard”

Richard Casy Callahan - reverbnation.com

“thanks for your kind words my friend... your stuff is really cool man.. you got some cracking guitar skills going there.. keep it up man, peace, foreverlast”

Nightbird - Ourstage.com

“we think your shit is BAD ASS.... also we give you props for doing it on your own....You do have some mad talent!!!! Your friends Tragik Ruins”

Tragik Ruins - Ourstage.com

“Thanks for the compliments, we love the dark sound that you have created with your music. Good stuff.”

Liberty 5-3000 - Ourstage.com

“What can I say but GREAT WORK! Definitely A number 1 in my book. One can even play native flute lines with "Ax Wound" and "The Other (Intro)" as I have been doing here for the past hour or so! Aho Nvwato hiyadv”

Whitewolf - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnathan, I'm listening again to" Across the Styx", I first heard in New age/World- powerful!!!!! The Drum sounds so incredible with your music, like blood flowing through my veins-----"The Other" is great too. heck they all are, after each one I can no longer pick a favorite, LOL, cathie”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“Hi Johnathan - Thanks for the kind words and also for joining me as a friend/fan. Love your guitar work on the Summoning. As for your recent success with Ax Wound, congratulation! Who knows what will excite the fans? If it works though, do more of it!”

Aotea Sound Lab - Ourstage.com

“Thank you SO much for your nice comment earlier! It really made my day. I think your music is amazing - wish I could play like that. Congrats on making the semi finals!!! Lori”

Lori Cunningham - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnny Thanks for visiting my page and leaving the kind words your a scholar and a gentlemen (not to mention kicka@# musician)”

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

“listened to "Vain". I can see why you are up in the ranks... A lot of artists that people want to listen to question their validity...I used to till I got too old to give a shit! LOL”

Mark Alan Dooley - Ourstage.com


Oxygen - Ourstage.com

“Awesome music you're doing! Kudos on your A&R-ing! I can identify with being in an artistically sterile environment and having to resort to doing it all yourself. After listening to your music I think no one could have done it better!Besides, wouldn't you really rather record than EAT??”

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

"me thinky you just modest. I've always thought it best to believe what I've LEARNED and not what I've HEARD...result: a never-ending quest to find my OWN answers in the vastness of the sea called "knowledge." Keep rockin' ~ Justine ~"

Justine Wilde - Ourstage.com

"Good job on your standings bro. Keep it rocking, ur a force to be reckoned with. Now kick the ass of that stuck up band that's in your way. Peace."

Love Sex n Death - Ourstage.com

"Cool music, man! Listening to "Vain" and really diggin' the guitar work. Really sweet tone and nice melodies!"

CasualDave - Ourstage.com

“As a guitar nut, I was genuinely touched by your music, especially "Misled" Version 2). It reminded me of some of the players I wanted to be when I was a young player (Randy Rhodes, "Dee" and Toni Iommi, "Fluff") but with a sonic twist. I really dig the soundscape that you create. Rock on! Lex”

Poppermost - Ourstage.com

“You have a fantastic sound.. I love what you've done. Yep, I'm a friend and a FAN too!! Thanks again, Philip”

Philip Watson - Ourstage.com

“Love your music..so cooly dark. Makes me think of my favorite vampire flicks. I can picture a series of clips from them set to your music!--Have ya heard that too already?--Anyhow, there's a huge market out there for music of your caliber. You're gonna do great things!!”

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

“YAY! "VEIN" TOOK THE GOTHIC / INDUSTRIAL CHANNEL @ #1!!! YOU ROCK IT, JOHNNY!!! CONGRATULATIONS BIG TIME! "Vein's" a great song and deserves the ranking it achieved; hope you're smilin', dude; really hope ya are!! Whole Lotta, Lotta, Love, ~ Justine ~”

Justine Wilde - Ourstage.com

“Awe, babe, melancholy be not; too hard on thyself be thee... The day nears, Johnny, when THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE DEVIL IN WAYS IT NEVER DREAMED!!!! W.L.L., ~ Just ~”

Justine Wilde - Ourstage.com

“YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! It held!! I'm SOOOOO happy for you dear Alabama Boy! I bet you'll do it again this month! Good luck again!!--Hey, when you get signed and go on tour can I sell t-shirts for ya? LOL! Way to go Johnathan! I'm proud of you!!--Cool pics too! Blessings to you, Lana”

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

“LSD tunred me on to your site - Twisted is great! I'm a fan!”

Ashley Aldrich - Ourstage.com

“Great stuff Johnathan. LSD always turns us on to the best out there on OS and that definitely includes you. Honored to be a friend and a fan.”

Madeline L Pots - Ourstage.com

“Once again.. LSD got it RIGHT by recommending you to all his friends and fans! Of course, YOU know I thought you were GREAT long before LSD brought it to all our attention. *lol* I'm still having FUN! Hope you are too! ”

Philip Watson - Ourstage.com

“thank you for allowing the rest of us the pleasure of listening to your tunes.great stuff there.im glad ive had a chance to give some of your stuff a listen over and over again.hope you to have an awsome week ahead all my best......annie”

annie 37 - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnathan! I've got my fingers crossed that you move WAAAAY up by tonight dude! GO!!!!!!! You should win my dear, dark warrior!! (There's such a definitely raging militarial sense of pain, horror, loss, and terrible victory in most of your music.)Takes my breath away...”

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

“Awesome tracks here...best of luck to you. Matt”

Ghosts Of London - Ourstage.com

“Beloved... you've developed awesome skillz. You should be able to sell or license your music for Horror/Thriller/Adventure films & TV shows. I wish you all the best that Life & Music has to offer. Much Love & Respect, Your Fan & Friend, Crystal Cartier”

Crystal Cartier - Ourstage.com

"Go To Church! Or The Devil May Get You", Is perfect! Love Your Work Man Love It! If Only you were here to help me Compose some songs, If ONLY! Love Your Work Man KEEP IT UP! -LoneWolf-

LoneWolf - Ourstage.com

“Words can't describe how much your comments lift my spirits. You seem like a real honest and compassionate fellow (which shows in your music)and you have great integrity in the way you treat your friends. thanks bro... I'd say good luck in Oct but so far it doesn't look like you need any!!!”

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

"Misled" really does it for me..."

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

"Hey Johnathan, Listened to Melancholia tonight, excellent---exactly where I am at tonight losing another animal friend, our kitty Sparky........ Your song brought tears and comfort, thank you for the invite to come and listen. xoxox"

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“That picture.... LOL! I came over after hearing your track in Ambient. You are a man of many talents. Beautiful track. I hope it does really well for you. Lori”

Lori Cunningham - Ourstage.com

“Thanks again for your comments and your support, Johnathan. We are glad that "Heart Of The Hawk" reminded you of those precious alone times with nature. Keep putting out your music, so full of heart. It will always be in our most favorite selections. Adelaunegvwaya”

Whitewolf - Ourstage.com

"You god damn ROCK!"

Leaves of Awning - Ourstage.com

"Hey Johnny Loved the arrangements on "Melancholy", and some tricky guitar work as well. Good job my friend!!"

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com


LOST DISCIPLES - Ourstage.com


LOST DISCIPLES - Ourstage.com

“I love where your music takes me...all I need to do is close my eyes! Hauntingly beautiful.. with yours, it's "spot on". adds such atmosphere.”

Breck 9 - Ourstage.com

"Thanks for stopping by, its always a pleasure to hear from you "Twisted lullaby" really does it for me bro(still waters run deep) You material just keeps getting better and better. And by the way I love what you did with your name(logo) Very cool my friend!!! Stay real, Ken"

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

"your music sounds awesome on here!"

Milo Hatz - Ourstage.com

“WOW! Johnathan! LOVE your new song "Wake"!!!! You just get better and better! Great production dear friend! As always! I sit totally amazed again... Love, Lana”

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

“Johnathan "Wake" is awesome !!!I've played it through 3 times now...Loving the sounds and your speaking through it..Had another listen to your other stuff here too..You get some great sounds, considering how long you've been producing your music..OK..This is the 5th time I've played it through..lol”

She Said & Hillbilly Dix - Ourstage.com

“Hey friend , thanks for stopping by, I'd not listened to your new upload "Wake"---- totally awesome, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it---takes me away!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo, xoxoxoxooxoxoxoox”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“Finally made it over to listen to your new one, "Wake",...and happy I did! Great tune! Best of luck, my friend....peace”

Lesser Lion - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnny You never cease to amaze me,and "Wake" kicked me right in the ass. Loved it dude, all the best!! Ken - STONECROSS”

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

“Johnathan, thanx...I really like all of your music, your guitar work is excellent and the keys really add alot...I work on my own also, and there are benefits to that...but it would be nice to have someone to collab with...like your photos also...keep in touch...mh”

mark hoevet - Ourstage.com

“Like your music, I love listening to the guitar. Well sure enjoyed listening and I will take the time again . You carry a good gift and I am glad that you share it with everyone , good luck and many blessings on your path. Happy holidays, Peace Sybille”

Sybille - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnathan, thanks for stopping by, I see you made quarters, I'll have to make sure I run over there for voting, xoxoxoxoxoxoox,”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“well this month.. Fingers crossed..I love your music Seeya and Big smiles to ya Jen Australia”

She Said & Hillbilly Dix - Ourstage.com

“Dang, 17 is great , but I think it should of been at the top, awesome though, xoxoxox,”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“HEY JOHNATHAN, Just stopping to listen to one of my fav.s Melancholy!!! I remember the first time I heard this when you first added it!! It was perfect timing for what I was going through. I don't think I will ever forget it. xoxoxoxox”

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

“Hey if we do a collab.... we can call it Love Sex n Devils. lmao!”

Love Sex n Death - Ourstage.com

"Dude!~ Wake is amazing! You have some cool tunes here Happy-dark I'll be back for another listen!"

Copperhead - Ourstage.com

“I absolutely LOVE the sound and EEERIEE sound of this song playin on your page now. I'm thinking a womans body, in the snow..... deep in the woods....... awakening....... from death. Has a very cool feel & sound man! Pink Floydish in a way too. WAKE! You and me.... we gotta do a collab soon.”

Love Sex n Death - Ourstage.com

“Hey Johnathan, Awesome !!!!What a great Sound with "Invisible Horizons"..You really know how to get the goosebumps going !!!lol.. Congratulations sweet friend Love listening to your music Jen Happy-dark"”

She Said & Hillbilly Dix - Ourstage.com

"Yes, I am smiling----wow , ain't love grand!!!!!!!!!! I sounds amazing!!!!!!! Bravo Johnathan, xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox ha ha , I love what Hot Rocker wrote, great evening"

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

"Hi Johnathan, Stopped in for a listen and I'm sure glad I did... man you are one deep dude!! "Invisible Horizons" really showcases your talents. Would make an awesome soundtrack...keep it up bro...always a pleasure!! Ken"

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

"Invisible. I love it! Very twin peeks-ish. I love that eerie shit!"

Love Sex n Death - Ourstage.com

"I get a fractured tearing feeling from 'wake', certainly seems like a Floyd influence. All the best to you."

FATE_ATC - Ourstage.com

"p.s. It helps just sittin' here listening to your player, I am going to stay for a while-- a respite----------------------- then go vote a couple channels-----yes,----------- this is good------******** thanks**********"

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

"Hey Johnathan! Just saying hi and dropping in to listen to you whisper awhile! Sigh! Good luck this month dear friend! Are ya ready for me to sell those concert t-shirts yet? Love, Lana"

Lana Chapel - Ourstage.com

"was up Johnathan saw all me friends commenting and curious me had to look!yes liked your rock solo last month and you are very talented with all those awesome sounds and like different god bless RWJ"

Spirit 21 - Ourstage.com

"The new track is SWEET!!"

Jarah - Ourstage.com

"Pretty freakin cool bro, I liked it from slow build to fade out... Keep it up Johnathan its happening!!! P.S. I'm gonna cast my vote here to."

Stone Cross - Ourstage.com

"Portrait of Sybille Well ,what can I say ,I am not much into this kinda music, But really gotta give you two thumbs up , very nice. you should enter the new one .Good job! Keep up the good work! Hummingbird"

Sybille - Ourstage.com

"great music you have here awesome songs cheers"

Nekropsy - Ourstage.com

""Hey Johnathan, how have you been, back in those hills, stopped by to tell you I just bought Melancholy, for my collection...... We still are getting snow, dang..... Hope you are doing well, hugs from the tundra, xoxo"

Cathie Fredrickson - Ourstage.com

"I remember seeing that sign - "Go to church - Or the devil wiil get you." back when I was driving back and forth from Birmingham to Dothan. BTW, great sounds this month. I've sent out the word to a few friends who should come in to have a listen. nvwato-hiyadv Mike"

Whitewolf - Ourstage.com

"Hi Johnathan, Awesome to discover your music here, you've a fine talent going. Very cool tunes! Thanks for the friendship - stay in touch! ~Beth

Celtic Sunshine - Ourstage.com

"Your a very warm soul, but Your music is Hot. Thanks for the friendship, keep that sound Big and meaningful as is. FG1"

Keefbee aka FG1 - Ourstage.com

"Lovin your new track babe!!!!! *nods nods*"

Full Circle - Myspace

"it is your best to date. Good to hear"

Wild - Myspace

"J.D., what's going on? I just got done listening to "Revelation Tribute" and it is a nice piece of work, if I do say so. Keep them coming, man! S@RCO"

S@RCO (Brad Carr) - Myspace

"Wow.... Revalations is a very inspirational piece... Thank you for the add.. I really enjoyed listeng to your Music. ♥ Katie"

♥ kAtIE Is VeLuMpTiOuS♥ - Myspace

"revelations...dig it bro!"

shawn & tracy - Myspace

"Thank you, and you music is very inspirational.. I listened and I loved what I heard.. I'm in Choir myself so I know alot about music and what I heard was magical.. It was another world. ♥"

♥ kAtIE Is VeLuMpTiOuS♥ - Myspace

"its badass,i digg it!"

shawn & tracy - Myspace

"Really like the new music i have to say one of your best i think."

Audra - Myspace

""it's also people like you who inspire me to do what I do. Music is my life, whether it be Classica to Death Metal, I love it all and I love to sing. Keep me updated when you put new Music up.. Okay??? Thanks a bunch!!! ♥ Katie"

♥ kAtIE Is VeLuMpTiOuS♥ - Myspace

"Listened to "Lies" and it sounded pretty good. Liked the balance of the slow, acoustic material along with the "Metallica"-sounding stuff. Hope the next one you put out is as good as "Revelations" and "Lies"."

S@RCO (Brad Carr) - Myspace

"Very nice music"

Collette Cotelo - Myspace

"love your music : )"

Fatima - Myspace

"Beautiful music.........Love it!"

BeccaBooo™© - Myspace

"Your Welcome :) and I delivered your message to them lol btw your music is really awesome ^^ Take Care! ~Mandy"

**Amanda** - Myspace

"Thaxs for the add. Your music sounds great!"

Leidy - Myspace

"ur music is awesome!"

Majö - Myspace

"AWESOME !!!!"

Yanee - Myspace

"wow...your songs is so...wow thanx for adding me)"

Villewonka - Myspace

"hy johnathan my english is very bad, sorry! your music is fantastic, really!"

*yÜ* - Myspace

"wicked i love the way u did this love the site as well!"

"I like this shit diggs. let me know when you start touring and need a bodyguard"

TommyRockhard - Myspace

"Excellent music~ Thank you for the invite~ ~NYmph-G"

Laylah Supernova - Myspace

"hey, you new song is cool. it can be used like some soundtrack)"

Villewonka - Myspace

"I love your music :)"

♥Rosa♥ - Myspace

"I love the new song AXE WOUND. Very atmospheric! x"

fiendish minx - Myspace

"Thanks a lot for the add!!! Great intense atmosphere!!! Greetings from Italy!!! Stefano - DYSTHYMIA"


"ah yea i love ur music keep it up xD xxxx"

Devilish GoThic - Myspace

"Diggin' on the tunes!"

Earth Mamma - Myspace

"Hallo Johnathan Devil your music is cool beste grüße aus Deutschland Bremen Neustadt ENZE"

Goyaklah - Myspace

"I like the new song. Its heavy and at the same time makes me wanna kick a chair out from under a old man. lol The end of the song was interesting enough. I like it!"

James "S!N" Sullivan - Myspace

"just listened to the summoning,im digg'n it alot! pretty fuck'n sweet!"

shawn & tracy - Myspace

"thanks for the add, man, like the sound =)"

Miss Ditto - Myspace

"Your music is amazing! x"

Bullet - Myspace

"keep doing that great work!"

Giuliana Galvão - Myspace

"i definately enjoy the music, man. figured i'd check ya out seeing as me and her have alot of common grounds regarding music. i wasnt let down, you've got some talent! anyways man, keep up the good work, keep the music comin, and keep it metal! Kyle"

Kyle - Myspace

"Hey man Your Music Rules for being a single artist keep it rockin! when you start touring head over to laredo! itd be nice :)"

Just (Joe) - Myspace

"dude The Summoning is pretty badass!!!!!"

Jeff(Lucifuri 6:66) - Myspace

"Hey Johnathan! I like "The Summoning" - I like the guitar riff :)"

fiendish minx - Myspace

"The music is just dandy indeed, good job!"

ðr. Šä†áñ - Myspace

"I enjoy your music... I like very much your songs! Keep it touch and have a great week too Sophie"

Sophie Carbonneau - Myspace

"your stuff is really good. not only that you listen to some killer f'n awesome bands."

Pain (Joshua Rust) - Myspace

"The new songs are incredible!!! VERY smooth. 2 thumbs up!!!"

STØNE, the destroyer!!! - Myspace

"Thanks for the add! Good stuff for sure!"

Virginia Wingate - Myspace

"I am listening now and I'm very intrigued!"

Izz Vicious - Myspace

"Hey thx for Comment! Nice to hear from you, and you do nice music^^:) I love those guitar-parts^^ David"

Dewitt - Myspace

"hey, wow i like your sound,very very beatiful. If you want add me to msn,my msn is on myspace under "Flavio" :). Respect and have a nice week end. :)"

The Genesis Projection - Myspace

"maybe you went and got yerself signed! if not, keep yer head high, it'll happen!"

Kyle - Myspace

"i really like the summoning and revelations. great music man!"

M Shadows - Myspace

"Wishing you a splendid day, my dear.... oh well, and listening to some good music on your page ;) Big hug ~L "

Laylah Supernova - Myspace

"keep making that beautiful music!

M Shadows - Myspace

"yer music is extraordinary and unique. you'll get noticed in no time. me and Sam like it alot - we arent blind to talent and artistry. you've got alot of both, and i look forward to seeing you make it far, i wanna see you have a commercial sellin yer first CD before July of 09!"

Kyle - Myspace

"yer right about somethin ya said to Sam, about how yer just a man and you appreciate friends more than fans. well, ya got a couple on this end. hell, if there is somethin i can potentially help ya with, dont hesitate to ask!"

Kyle - Myspace

"Hi Johnathan I just love your music... xoxo Brenda"

♥Brenda♥ - Myspace

"Hello my friend I hopes with you everything is good. Your music is often very beautifully to the relaxes.Do further so and remain strong, best from Germany at you. Bremen-City Goyaklah"

Goyaklah - Myspace

"Great to see you doing well bro, your music rocks!"

Brad - Myspace

"Happy Birthday for tomorrow. New music is great!"

Wild - Myspace

"Thanks for your sweet words. Keep making great music! -Kelsea Cire'"

Kelsea Cire - Myspace

"Greetz, great music. have a nice weekend!"

Carpathian Goddess/Petra Krejcarova - Myspace

"Hey Jonathan, Not a problem man! Thanks for checking us out and for the kind words. Yes indeed, your music is beautiful- some great melodies there. Keep in touch mate! Best wishes, George & Be'lakor"

Be'lakor - Myspace

"Hello! Nice music you have! Have a great day!"

Pachy (パチ) - Myspace

"Dont worry man i'll be here suporting you!! "go john go" lol!!! i now know why i like your music its a little similar to swallow the sun, you know them??"

Abdallah - Myspace

"Oh.. Little devil!.. Thanks for you request and your comment! Yeah I liked your musical project. Nice muzik! hehe! Cheers and greetings from Venezuela!. Kisses!"

§аnтaDіавоLік - Myspace

"Hello my dear music friend. I´m well thanks. I hope you too. I really apreciate your work. You´re awesome. Kisses"

Ilargi - Myspace

"killer new song man, keep up the great work"

Kyle - Myspace

"Johnathan... MISLED had me goin'.. wonderin' what sound was next.. you are unique my friend.. listened hear with a friend.... love all the sounds you put in... your theme is great... I am glad we have hooked up as friends.. I will stay in touch.. thanks for doing what you do.. oh yeahhhh... Barry"


"Aye! The new song sounds KILLER! My bro' is a genius, yay! ^-^ Man I've missed you lately... *hugs*"

Laylah Supernova - Myspace

"Dude... your tunes are wikid awesome. of course im gonna show some sapport. thanks, hope you hav a nice weekend too!"

*~Akiura Kyll~* - Myspace

"sweet bro im loving lullabye!wish i could sing..."

shawn & tracy - Myspace

"yea dude. you got some killer music! i love Axe Wound. keep it up!"

Chris Roberts - Myspace

"I wouldn't let anyone have these unless they pay you major $$$ this shit is golden! Feeling pretty yet? lol!"

Full Circle - Myspace

"Hey man,i like your music,keep up the good work and all the best to you!"

Pete Westwater - Myspace

"I love the feel of your songs. Darkness is beautiful when used with the proper creative lighting. Milo"

Milo Hatz - Myspace

"yo JD, just a quick shout out. thought i'd remark on Across the Styx. reminds me alot of The Call of Kthulu by Metallica back when they were good. i do really like the song though, it really whips the llamas ass (lame reference, if you get it you're as lame as me haha)"

Kyle - Myspace

"No bother, thanks for adding us and for the comment. Love your songs! peAce "

My Exit Music - Myspace

"Johnathan dude you got a wicked sound yourself my friend! You ever get out this way we need to do some shows together!! Thanks for the comments there very much appreciated!! Keep up the good work Bro!"

Sam Keys - Myspace

"Hi Johnathan. Your melodie's sound great. Greeting from Adelaide, South Australia."

Mara - Myspace

"Thank you. In Flames is ... In Flames, they're just incredible. Your music is awesome. Hope you have a good week. ttyl"

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"Dude just got finished checking out THE OTHER and man is that thing smokin!!!Hell Yeah thats killer bro!! Cant wait to hear more!"


"Hey man its JD just sayin that music is awesome. U keep playin and i'll keep listening bro!"

<3J.D.& Rebekah<3 - Myspace

"Thanks for the awesome support brother! Definitely dig the vibe you got going on here, nice work. Take care, SeVeR "

SeVeR - Myspace

"Dude just got finished checking out THE OTHER and man is that thing smokin!!!Hell Yeah thats killer bro!! Cant wait to hear more!"


"Hey J Devil, Thanks for the request. Cool tunes, dude. Love the darkness. Cheers, Warren"

Warren LaPlante - Myspace

"Hey Man, so glad ya looked me up here! You're ROCKIN' ma friend! Whole Lotta Love, ~ Justine ~ "

Justine Wilde - Myspace

"whats new on yer end? gittin 'er done with the tunes it would seem. i'm listening to Vein and its pretty killa killa. pretty sinister, i must say. me likey. oh snap! i didnt know we could download yer tunes! YOINK! haha."

Kyle - Myspace

"Sounding good bro! Keep it up!"

^LF^CH^OS - Myspace


Oxygen - Myspace

"Hey bro, sounds awesome. I commented on the song comments. I also like your lyrics. Another way I see us alike is our style of what we write about and how we say it."

Love Sex n Death - Myspace

"oh i downloaded the 2 first tunes from your players and man i loved misled its the kind of music i like to listen to..."

Abdallah - Myspace


Oxygen - Myspace

"Hey. Your music's come a long way since I first heard it. I like it alot."

Leta - Myspace

"What's up Johnathan? Just keeping in touch and digging the new tunes."

Control the Chaos - Myspace

"lovin the new stuff man!! keep up the good work!"

Ryan Wood - Myspace

"OK..Found your Reverbnation player..lol..what a bloody morning!!!!Firstly thank you for the friendship here, and Ourstage...and I love what you're doing...Very creative and very free!!!!Melancholy is giving me massive Goosebumps...that's a great sign for me in music!!!!"

She Said & Hillbilly Dix - Myspace

"Listened to your new song and love it. Very creative!"

Full Circle - Myspace

"thnks for the add bro. wake is realy awsome track. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"

noname - Myspace

"Awey bro!! The new song is killer, yay! Lovin' it. Now tell me, how are things goin' over there...? ~Thy wee sis ;)"

Laylah - Myspace

"Loving the new tunes!"

Full Circle - Myspace

"Hey john, the new track is kick ass, dude i don't care but i got to download it!"

Abdallah - Myspace

"cool man, i think its perfect. for the piano things, man what can i say!!! and you wonder why i keep spreading your music wherever i go"

Abdallah - Myspace

"Have to say I am inspired by your page bro... for real... Honored to be friends, Johnny D"

Healios - Myspace

"You are one of the few users whom disable HTML comments that I'll still leave a comment for anyways ~ 'cuz ... Johnathan Devil R O C K S !!!!!!!!"

The Altruistic Messiah - Myspace

"you sir are fuckin nasty at guitar"

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"Love the song Introduction to the Inevitable!!! Rock On Brother Devil!!! Rock On!!!"

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"Ax Wound" #5 overall in the Gothic/Industrial channel for July 2008 at Ourstage.com!

"Vain" #1 overall in the Gothic/Industrial channel for August 2008 at Ourstage.com!