John 5 / Press

“John 5 is hands down one of the most mind blowing guitarists around”


“PRAISE FOR THE ART OF MALICE - The guitar world is cluttered with players that can play a million notes a minute. John 5 established that he can hold his own with them a long time ago. Each release has illustrated why he’s not just another guy who can shred. With “The Art of Malice” he’s taken another step in showing the world that he’s not just a famous sideman with some solo albums to peddle. Fact is, he’s an artist who’s kind enough to share his taken with big name acts.”

They Will Rock You

“'An underrated guitar giant'”

Steve Vai

“Praise for VERTIGO There's interesting effects on here and a 'post-modern' cyber influence. This guy must of been bottled-up for years because he just explodes on this debut. You get it all in vented-out glory, that's for sure! The boundaries are endless on this release with metal, jazz, country, sci-fi, industrial (Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, Korn), and John 5 just incorporates all that into his playing." Steve Vai states it plainly, "John 5 is an underrated guitar giant.”

Wayne Klinger - Quintessence Metal Webzine

“Cool Tone. Cool Groove. Cool”

Yngwie Malmsteen

“Praise for SONGS FOR SANITY Give Songs for Sanity a listen and discover an amazingly talented guitar player. Granted his songwriting and guitar tone may not be everyone's taste, he is impeccably skilled when it comes to guitar playing and combining it with fun and energy.”

Sea of Tranquility.org

“It energizes ya and has everything ya wanna hear. And just when ya think ya got it all, he busts out this over-the-top country chicken-pickin'!!”


“Praise for THE DEVIL KNOWS MY NAME If only all instrumental guitar albums were as fun as The Devil Knows My Name, the world would be a much better place. It's about time that musical virtuosity took on a more prominent role in contemporary music-here's hoping that John 5 can help change all of that.”

Sea of Tranquility.org

“'If there was ever a musician who was an honorary member of Shred Guitar Society... Mr. John 5!'”

Paul Gilbert

“Praise for Requiem: REQUIEM The Guitar Center patrons ... arguing over the best shredder of 2008 will be hard-pressed to find anyone more skillful or relentless. Just play "Heretic's Fork," "The Judas Cradle," "The Lead Sprinkler," "Scavenger's Daughter," ... for further proof.”

Jason Lymangrover - All Music Guide

“'John is a fucking shredder'”

Rob Zombie