Joey Price / Press

“Your flowing is something I'll jam to. Not everyone is made to do music. But this market is flooded with the contenders and pretenders. You and I are the next breed of contenders. Mrs. So Fly is a prime example of that.”

Dragon X, artist - message

“ok im not a great hip hop fan but saying this your lyrics and licks are just amazing i just fell into your music and lapped up the rhymes and rhythms and its so poetic so much energy im positively convinced your a lyrical genius”

Trajan J Trathan - comment

“Feelin ur flow man, u sound like a young lupe. Must be that chi shit haha.......”

Nova Lyric - comment

“sick tracks!!! When you come home is rly good was feeling tha song mad, props to Sinima beats too, liked the vibes coming from Lifestyle ft.Smush Martin (props to Koncept beats) n Mrs So Fly.keep the tracks coming!!pce”

MissWhiteChocolateMelissaSqueeze - comment

“wow. your songs are amazing bro keep that shit up........”

Cunnie - message

“with all this fake sh*t on the radio, it's good to find an artist like you that keeps it real i'm feeling ur tracks a lot homie... good sh*t, real talk ur delivery is dope and you ride the beat like it was made for you Delivery is on point and i LOVE the way you rhyme ”

Rapper's Best Friend - message

“........you reppin Chicago and doin it well keep it up real talk”

R.J. Pase - comment

“Yo "Get Ya Hans Up" is tight 4 real brutha! Beat was bang'n I'm al about that old school flava nicely done! Much respect!”

Mc. Joe Gunz, - message

“Hey, man! I rly like ur music, so became of fan of ya ^^ Rly nice flo ya have ^^”

gothic_vampire - message