Joey Pliskin / Press

“For all newbies to this page, this dude knows how to bring it. CRANK IT UP, sit back and enjoy the Rock & Roll RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!”

“Everybody....check out Joey's video....damn, he's good!”

“Joe...you are so awesome on Johhny B. Goode....both vocally and on the guitar....awesome on all tunes as a matter of fact.”

“Hey man,,,taking a listen to DONT SAY IT AGAIN...Nice high energy tune. Your sound is made for the stage. Nice recording too. Cheers”

“All musicians need to hear Joey's Music. He is our hope for the future- the reason we campaign for peace and tolerance and communication. Joey is the future :)”

“It's up to us to throw our weight behind these young guns, so go to iTunes and get yourself "1" today. It's Joey all day. Beautiful songwriting and playing, all wrapped around that gorgeous voice. You can have your Green Day; I'm taking Joey. He understands that brattiness doesn't hold a candle to sincerity. ”

“Joey's a man on a mission ! this playlist is nothing but hits ! Rock on Joey ! I love what you are doing !”

“Hi Joey Just wanted to let you know I've added you to the "Recommended Artists" section of my website: http://www.ambermusicexpress.com/main/?page_id=610 All the best from Alan ”

“Time for us to Buy the NUMBER 1 CD of the BEST damn Musician from Chicago on REVERBNATION! C'mon everybody if you make 1 cd purchase this year MAKE it JOEY's "1" Catch a shooting star, and show him Rock and Roll's not dead! lovin your music Big time on the west Coast Joey! (just waiting for you to tour so we can heckle ya) Take care brother”

“Joey, your originals sound like a Greatest Hits package! You've got an incredible hit-making formula. Distilling the pop and punk influences into an original brand of ultra-melodic rock. Just keep it rolling, young star.”

“Joey , I gotta tell you , listening to you is inspiring and I think you are one of the top artists I have heard on reverb and you are way ahead of your time ! It is an honor to be friends !”

“Rollin the Juggernaut playlist, Known as Joey!- 335 songplays a day?? Holy-superstar Batman! Watch the Next Big superstar explode from Chicago- #2 in Shy-town- Congrats! Could not happen to a better more deserving person! You Rock it Big Time Joey!”

"Set me Free", what an incredible song with great lyrics, killer hook and just that special thing Joey's got going on.

“Joey, you are a great young man and extremely gifted singer/songwriter. You know I'm a fan and am hittin' this play list of yours like a Las Vegas slot machine...over and over, brutha!”

“'Just Like Them' is a tasty rocker with killer guitar and vocals..a classic blend served by the one and only Joey Pliskin :)”

“Listening to 3 Times 1! Great double tracking!! Nice chords too! Love the double tracking! Next time I record I'm triple tracking!!! Have a great weekend Joey!!”

“I heard Rush so much in your riffs! Rush is my Favorite band.And Green Day can`t hold a candle up to you.You are a shredder with heart.Pure talent!!!!!!”

“Pliskin rocketing towards fame if he wants it...there for the taking, Joey.”

“Joey has the "IT" factor!...Talent, voice, the look, and music that resonates long after you listen!...What more could you ask for from an artist? ~ Rod”

“By the Way, HOLY GUITAR SOLO PEOPLE! ON JOEY'S VIDEO @ precisely 2:18 you yell " here we go" and proceed to RIP IT UP in a way that reminded me of Mike Mcready of Pearl Jam. AND THAT IS WHY I PLAY GUITAR, TO HEAR STUFF LIKE THIS FROM OUR YOUTH LONG LIVE ROCK JOEY YOU ARE THE NEXT WAVE, BUDDY SCORCH YOUR TRAIL!”

“J.P., an up-and-coming rock superstar from Chi-town, USA. Melodic pop-punk at the highest level...and he's just gettin started. You "Set Me Free," Joey.”

“Back to rock this Tuesday with the RIGHT STUFF!! Rockin' Joey P is a young, up and coming musician that's poised to challenge a lot of artists in his genre!!”

“Judging from Joey's playlist here, our expectations are high that he will be producing many great songs in his songwriting career. There is a fabulous understanding of song craft demonstrated here. Our respects to you Joey - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

"Just Like Them" unleashes serious energy, and shows off Joey's penchant for writing catchy, punchy, melodic power pop--this time laced with a message.

“Wicked opening riff on Just Like Them Joey ~ no wonder everyone loves ya!!! Andrew”

“The kid has talent.A true music/artist and a great person.All the makings for success! You Rock!!”

“Just like them ... love songs that tend to open like a hymn. What a killer intro. Btw in a way i find it quite close to S.o.G. :) Similar attitude despite the slightly different riffing. Anyways. Top song! ~ kappi”

“'Just Like Them' one of Joey's best tracks with an addictive groove that will draw you in and get your swagger on. Tight rhythm work, and full dynamics make it today's awesome favourite. Cheers to you Joey - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

"Killing My Dreams" video kicks all kinds of a$$! Great guitar and vocal work and lots of energy!

“Joey is a phenom in the music world, people just need to realize this guy has it all!!!”

"Just Like Them' is Kick Ass! -Rob

“Can't help it Joey, I'm hooked on "Just Like Them"...ROCKIN!!! -Rob”

"Just Like Them"...gotta be one of my favorite songs..ever! Anywhere! Joey...you are like the star on my tree. I can't wait to see you on the red carpet..believe me..the time is coming.

“Joey, you know you are just so crazy, talented, it's just an amazing sound you have, keeps me coming back for more!”

“Having a Joey fix with on the fly live material and then listening to 'Don't say it again'. You have an amazing talent to find catchy melodies for super rocking tracks, Joey. Fab! It rocketh!”

“Thursday greetings to our most talented friend Joey Pliskin. This bright star is lighting up the ReverbNation universe with his positive vibes, and friendly personality. Carry on, ever so brightly Joey - TPK”

“Hey! We love your sound, style and tunes.Keep being AWESOME!! Joey and thank you for being our friend;) TF”

"Set Me Free" should be the one song that defines yours and every future generation for that matter. Very profound and meaningful. Well done, Joey. You hit the nail on the head, my man. Great lyrics and the music flows effortlessly, too. Beautiful work. Richard

“Joey Pliskin, already a master of the infectious, addictive hook. He writes with urgency and a spirit that delivers the listener to new places. Coupled with his amazing prowess on the guitars he is a must listen.”

“Joey, you were just "Meant To Be." What a great ear for melody you have. Your voice is rich, and you sing with real emotion. Love the harmonious strumming. Big hit, this one.”

“HELL YEAH....Joey is KICKIN ASS...Rock & Roll Style!!!!!”

“An amazing, creative, songwriting talent. Joey has all the necessary attributes to make an impact in the music industry. Exciting times are ahead for Joey and his fans. Cheers one and all - TPK”

“Time for you to be #4 Joey..........It's meant to be...:-)) Andrew”

“Joey is a fresh new talent with something to say. And say it he does; with great musical style and a strong singing voice. Shout out to all our Chi-Town buddies, cheers all - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“Joey's got talent in spades, great tracks, great voice, solid guitar riffing - me like!”

“Set Me Free! loving the lyrics in this song..the breakdown with the guitar in the middle was crazy!!”

“Joey! You're Meant To Be a great singer songwriter! Cheers!”

“Hey Joey, you're music is settin all of us free! What a talent you are. Rock n' roll attitude + serious guitar chops + melodic voice = star power, baby!”

“Watch out Billy Joe Armstrong! PLISKIN POWER is gonna push you to perform even better. Joey is nippin' at your heels! Go PLISKIN, go!”

“Killing My Dreams...ripping guitar at its best...This cat's got a huge future in front of him....had to stop by twice today its so good.”

“JOEY, Your music is a vitamin B12 shot to the soul. One feels alive the moment your infectious tunes hit the airwaves... Fabulous writing, great musicianship. Like a cube of sugar dropped into champagne.”

“ღ hi hi Joey, ★ ‘Killing My Dreams’ really cooks on gas, rawks!! you are an amazing guitar player with super tones at 2:07 ur song really opens up into a rawk riot that is very pleasing to my ears n head banging senses. always keep your dreams alive n don’t let no one kill them...;) proppa ace song!! ♪ Belinda xoxoxox ღ”

"Set Me Free" is a fabulous showcase of your enormous talent! Your voice is hypnotic and your chordal statements quite infectious! Much Love xoxo

“There is a plethora of talent running through the Joey Pliskin line-up of song hits. A talent that is sure to develop into a major musical force. Hats off to the future Joey - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“Joey is one of the best up-and-coming talents on RN. He's got serious talent, and is way ahead of the game. His songwriting, playing and singing is top notch. He's a true-blue rocker, but with a keen sense of melody. "Set Me Free" is stage-ready.”

“'Set Me Free' is a great song, great lyrics. Would fit a movie about young people. Best Wishes Myran”

“Joey Pliskin... solid gold, and a harbinger of future Rock music. Lay it down straight and true Joe, you're sounding great. Cheers - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“Ain't no denyin' this Windy City Cat can slam the licks on that Fender, and drive home a groove that KICKS ASS!! One of the more original and unique sounds on Reverb today!!”

“I knew you when you were #12 and I'm glad to see you've gotten to #5. Can't wait till you're number 1, though in my mind that's what you've always been! Sal”

“'3 times 1' another superb song offering by Joey Pliskin. Keep your song muse alive; as we are all expecting great things in the future from you Mr. Pliskin. Cheers - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“AWESOME Joey...Sooo Much Talent, For Someone Soooo Young...>”

"Now everything has changed..." - Just Like Them - True. Nuff said.... Punk is the shit and Joey P is the Real Deal!

“What up Joey!! Back in this morning and got a "play all" going this morning..BTW I was totally singing "Just Like Them" last night...for like a good 4 hours:) Your songs are rocking awesome and get stuck in my head!! One amazing songwriter right here everyone:)”

“You are a decedent of someone musical I'm assuming :)”

“Killing My Dreams is vintage Joey with his old mates, On The Fly. It's a kickass rocker, 4 sure. Showcasing an even younger version of him (that even possible?) crankin out serious guitar riffs in support of his trademark howl. The middle instrumental break is heavy heavy duty. The accompanying live video shows him in command of his young audience. Star!”

“Killing My Dreams! What a brilliant showcase for your extraordinary talent, Joey!, Driving, irresistible guitar work, dramatically arranged and just altogether brilliant. Good show, my young friend! it boggles my mind how brilliantly you play the guitar! Cheers, Sal ”

“I wanna be Joey when I'm college age again. He's got dangerous chops, rhythm, songwriting skills in spades, a smooth, melodic voice...and a good ear for the right influences for his style. Just Like Them, 3 Times 1, Set Me Free...they're all tight.”

“Set Me Free would fit neatly into a rock-oriented show like Rent. It's got that theatrical feel. Love it!”

“WOW OH WOW!! Joey created another masterpiece!! This song flat out kicks ass, from the dual leads and thrashing groove, to the fresh NEW sounding vocals!! The total package in every way!!”

“Your super quick, beautifully-punctuated guitar strumming style is so dazzlingly rich and so very original! It's like a style you might have heard in the sixties, but it's all yours, yours alone. It's one of the many reasons I love your music! Have a great Sunday, Joey. Sal”

“It's "Meant To Be", YOUR VOCALS ROCK!!! NICE!! LYRICS LOVE THEM!! LOVE THIS SONG TOO. ...=_=... I'll stay right by your side, I'm close! ...=_=... JOOOOOEEEEEYYYY!!!!! sggggooodddd!!”

“Vocals so emotive, guitar playing superb! What's missing? Nothing! You're so very talented, Joey! A bright future you have, indeed! Sal”

“Joey! Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that I listened to your tunes last night more in depth...Man, you are a killer songwriter! You have a great voice, awesome melodies, great hooks! All around I really like your style and can see a big fit for it on the radio! I wish I could tell you a favorite, but all your songs have the same appeal...they run together very smoothly. Keep doing your thing man, you got skills!”

“Absolutely outstanding! You have a brilliant singing voice & a wonderful style. Brilliant Joey, you are beyond doubt an International star of the future. You have so much potential, fantastic original songs, amazing presentation skills. Go for Gold! My very best wishes to you from England. God Bless you and all your wonderful music. Awesome! Rob.”

“Joey's a prodigy. This is melodic music with enough garage to keep it real. Well done.”

“Joey has real talent. His guitar work is second to none! Sal”

“Your stuff is top shelf J. sweet guitar work and vocals throughout!! g”

“Nothing like watching a superstar develop which is what is taking place on this page!”

“Playing Meant to Be. Great work Joey...great song and your voice fits it like a glove. Rocking.”

“There's certainly a wicked buzz going on re your 4 tracks Joey.... This can only tell us one thing.... All the comments say the same thing which is 'Brilliant'!!!”

“Back for another listen to "Meant to be"- Joey is Spectacular! -Rob”

“Joey is the real deal! He doesn't sound like John Mayer. He's better!”

“Really liking "Meant to be" Joey Stellar Tune! -Rob”

“'Meant To Be' well written with some very pleasing changes that grab the ear, and a very strong 'Chorus,' with a super hook. All-in-all a very well written gem of a song... love the tag out vocal ahhs & ohhs... It's a beauty Joey - TPK”

“You really have something special going on here with MEANT TO BE!. Great tracks! Loving your sound. So glad that our paths have crossed on this musical journey…….. MUSIC, PEACE, AND LOVE…BEST TO YOU….IN ALL THAT YOU DO…..Pat/Bass/SONGWRITER/NYC”

“Now We See It All So Clear!! WOW, WOW!! JOEY delivers a MASSIVE HIT!!! "Meant To Be" is a song you should be as proud of as we at Reverb are!! Excellent production and performance!! 7 LIKES!!”

“Good work man! You have that "from the heart feel", stay positive and stay on your musical grind. ~peace & success~ B. R.”

“This cat can write, play, and convey his musical thoughts in brilliant fashion. This is one baad little brother! Richard”

“Your tracks are smokin’! Keep making it happen…. Peace in all that you do…. Here with you on REVERBNATION…and beyond. Best, Pat Branch/Bass Player/Songwriter ♪♪♪♪♪♪”

“Set Me Free - What a wonderful song. you have a very pleasant sound and you shine with greatness. Stay awesome.”

“Joey, I wish I had your voice bro, diggin your tunes and the lead to Set Me Free jamz! Stay Strong Brother, you got alot talent, just remember the little ppl when ya hit the top!”

“JOE-JOE is burnin' the neck on those Fenders tonight!! SMOKIN' HOT MUSIC!! Chi-Town's Pride and Joy!!”

“Dude! Set me free should be on the radio from coast to coast! Great track! KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

“That "Little Voice Inside Me" says this is some KICK ASS MUSIC!! Joey's rockin' the speakers off the table!! Soon 2-B BIG!!”


“I love your song, Set Me Free.. This can relate to so many of us Joey.. Great message Nice vocals and music too..”

“Joey is the coolest guy on RN! Awesome tunes! Great work!”

“Joey!! Awesome sound you have here..Killer on the guitar. Thank you, Kathy=LNL”

“Something very original and fresh goin' on here! Killer performance and kick ass material...LOVE IT!!!”

“Really well written and performed tunes! This kid is going to end up doing some really profound things! Can feel it in my bones!”

“These songs are very well crafted and presented!! Joey's got a great voice, and play's the hell out of that guitar!! Keep a close eye on this rising star!! 7 MAJOR LIKES!!”

“This is the fantastic work of a star on the rise! Get in on the ground floor and dig it now!! Brilliant!!!”

“One of Chicago's finest talents has emerged, and is going to make a HUGE mark for himself in a major city!! U_ROCK J_MAN!!”

“Mad Talented,,,,,,”

"Set Me Free" JOEY!! These tunes are addicting, and I can't shake the withdrawals!! WE NEED MORE!!!


“Hey Joey, love your music! Keep studying at Ohio State and best of luck! Maybe someday we'll end up on the same stage.”

“Stunning music and vocals!! A true rocking sensation!! 7 BIG LIKES!!”

“There you go again Joey...melting my heart with "Set Me Free"...are you sure You're not causing the heatwave in Chicago? :-)”

“Great songwriting, musicianship and performance! You have a really bright future Joey!”


“Rockin' the house with several superb songs by Chi-Town's very own Joey Pliskin. Alternative rock with the Joey Pliskin sound & style, cheers good fellow - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“I'll bet in a short period of time this set will evolve into one of the best sets on RN!!! The talent is already present!”

“Set Me Free is such a cool song Joey!!! Keep on rocking my friend. Have a great week. Best regards ~ Frankie”

“So Talented!!! Great Playlist!! krayze”


"Set Me Free" is queued and ready to play to a live crowd on the beach today Joey. Ready, set go! They're gonna love you :-)

“'Set Me Free' sweet fingerpicking & rhythm guitar accompaniment to Joey's strong vocal presence on this song. Today's favourite by Joey Pliskin. Weekend cheers to you Joey - TPK”

“Keep up the great work Joey!!!! Love the tunes!!!”

“set me free. good tune!! very tight sound you have here. good production work. respect to a fellow chi towner. g”

“Hi Joey! I so enjoy your songs - set me free is awesome :) You remind me of Green Day. Great songs!”

“JOEY "SETS ME FREE"...outstanding!”

“Enjoyed our listen to your songs. "Set Me Free' demonstrates some solid songwriting skills, nicely done Joey. Cheers - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

"Set Me Free" is a great song. Good lyrics, very Punk rock. ;) Everything is well produced and sounds pro. Keep it up... great work!

“set me free ..... its gonna be tv serial soundtracks cool joey....!! keep rockin”

“3x1 + 30 Gazillian-Billion x's Awesome -Rob”

“Really smokin' tunes. Well written w/ great hooks. Some sweet guitar riffs and excellent vocals”

“Loving your videos today Joey..both are so well done. I really like the close up and personal performance on "Crazy for this Girl" and the way you presented the lyrics in "Set Me Free" is simple and genius. Awesome work :-)”

“Your songs are great. Your young and they have conviction. keep it up!”

“Great to be connected Joey! You're amazing! Great guitar work! Great voice! Great music! Keep em coming!”

“set me free,let me be who I wanna be,words of wisdom,great guitar and vocals,honest lyrics,flows like its real,keep it up-Drew”

“Joey- love 'Set Me Free'.. HIT for sure!!!!.. AWESOME!! tunes here!!! recommend playing all!!!”

“Set Me Free is an excellent tune Joey, great arrangement and performance. All the best to you ~ Frankie”

“We say you are well on your way! Carry On! Sounds good!”

“Powerful indie rock from a very talented young man. Wish I had learned guitar from age 5, I'd have had 56 years practise by now and could maybe play the correct barre chord on occasion. Seriously I'm surprised not to have heard of you before, maybe one of the X-Factor, Idol or Got Talent shows could be your claim to national fame.”

“Sounds great Joey!! Thanks for the connection!!”

“Joey Pliskin '3 Times 1' = brilliant! love it...JC”

“I'm going to be walking around the house singing "Set Me Free" all day - I already started!”

“Great feel and sound to your music. Rock On”

“Glad we found Joey he is a true Rocker”

“Hi Joey from the UK again. Your songs are strong and your performances accomplished. Keep at it.Bazz”

“Set Me Free nice work...really diggin your work..peace Gary ”

“If Beiber can make it you should surpass him. Excellent tracks.”

“Beautifully rocking songs, Joey! Great singing and guitar playing! Seems that we have a rising star here! atb much success ~ Laury, World-Sound-Colours”

“solid, crunchy rockers you're making here..diggin that heavy riff for "don't say it again" and getting a wicked tight vibe off "set me free", that tune is fantastic!!”


"Set Me Free"...Nice!!! -Rob

“Dude! Set me free should be on the radio from coast to coast! Great track! KA-BOOOOOOOM! ”


“Joey, don't know how old you are, but you definitely have a great mind for music. Keep up the good work and keep composing and playing brother!!”

“Playing Set Me Free...Joey, you got the goods my friend. Loving your music.”

“Joey Pliskin, great vocals and a natural musical talent. Set us free with your solid selection of rock songs Joey, and all the best to you - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

“It’s a hot day in NYC today but being here on your site and listening is keeping me “COOL”…..some of the best tracks on REVERBNATION! All the best…Pat Branch in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER ♪♪♪♪♪♪”

“Thanks for the add Joey. Listening to 'Set Me Free' right now. Like the guitar tone and solo. Nice vocals too. Keep rockin'.”

"Set Me Free" is really kick ass ! Great to have found you!

“Awesome Rockin! Joey Kicks on Guitars!!!”

“Joey has three really impressive tracks here.You will enjoy the listen.Great work Joey.”

“The timeless theme of 'Set Me Free' really strikes a musical chord within the listener. Well done Joey from Chi-town. Cheers - TPK”

“Incredible young Rock/Pop Talent ! We need them.. Great mix of melody and hardriffed guitar elements. All the best to you,wishes,Leon.”



“Damn you Joey ;) So hard to choose what to listen to on your page - no flaws! C-town HAS to be proud of you, son - Joey Superstar!”

“A bit of Green Day meets Joey....Got the Lennon voice man..”

“Hi Joey,, I read some of your comments and people just love you,, I'm ,, JUST LIKE THEM... I love you too sweetie,,Mondays are always better when your music is playing on the JUKEBOX here at Bonnie's Cafe',, The coffee's ready,, and I saved you a seat,,You are always welcome here my BFF,,, Bonnie”

“Rockin' out with "First Date". Well, let me just say that "First Date is first rate!" Way cool!”

“'Set me Free'- Johnny Lennon sounds like him.. Got the voice and flavour in the music.”

“Joey, where oh where did you discover such a hit-making formula at such a young age? The Best Of Joey Pliskin right here...and on iTunes. C'mon folks, get yourself a copy of "1." Brilliant debut.”

“Joey gets stranded on an island, his studio nowhere in sight, so what does he do? Pulls out his trusty guitar and bangs out a hot cover tune to kill some time, while he awaits rescue. Take your time, Joey, "3 am" sounds like smooth sailing to me.”

“Hey Joey,, everyone is loving your music ,, I loaded it all up in my JUKEBOX at Bonnie's Cafe' .. Your coffee is always here and I saved you a seat so whenever you get a chance c'mon over,, The girls all want to meet you and get your autograph,,,”

“After listening to "First Date" - you have to catch you're breath!! That tune moves so fast and KICKS ASS BIG!! U_ROCK_JOEY!!”

“Joey is a SUPERSTAR in the making!!! Awesome sounds accompanied by Killer Guitar Sytles and that AWESOME Smile and VOX - just PERFECT!! ~ Fefe”

“Blazing rocking on "Rock n Roll" Joey!!”

“I still Think that your Music would fit an American Movie for Young people. It sounds cool and good. You've got a very good drummer, or maybe it's programmed, then it's very skilled done. Best Wishes Myran.”

“WOW!!!!! I see you have played at the Newport.Only 50 miles from where I live.Wish I could have checked out the show.Great venue to play at.”

“Hey Joey, Just Like Them is such a great composition and is a standout performance by your band. This is definitely your signature sound and it's just amazing.”

“I listened to JUST LIKE THEM and FIRST DATE. You have so much energy in your guitar play. WOW! You're going far! ~kc”

“Hey Joey, I almost missed your post about 3 am cover, so glad I noticed, listening to it now, I always loved this song, and your do such an incredible job with this song, the acoustic guitar sounds sweet and your voice is smooth, really nice Joey! Such an amazing talent you are!”

“Joey! Your playlist would be perfect at a party! Great energy, great covers, great originals, great guitars! You get the point! You're a great artist! ~ Rod”