Joey Huffman / Press

“By the time the more gentle Wrapped in Sky, the band's Geffen debut in 1996, hit the shelves, they were nearly forgotten -- lost in the void that many bands of their generation would find themselves in in the wake of grunge. Kinney, Nielsen, and Sullivan held strong -- with the addition of Joey Huffman on keyboards for Wrapped in Sky. Fowler left the fold shortly thereafter, but the band continue to record, releasing the self-titled Drivin' N' Cryin' in 1997. A live set, The Essential Live Drivin' n' Cryin', showed up in 1999. Next up was a four-song EP, Detroit City Rock, in 2003, followed by another studio album, The Great American Bubble Factory, in 2009.”

“Joey is an amazing organ and piano player. Whenever I am working with bands that want to add some Hammond B3, Wurlitzer or piano tracks, Joey is my first choice. He’s played with everybody from Soul Asylum to Drivin ‘N’ Cryin, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, Matchbox 20 and Hank Williams Jr. and tons more. He is the man, and a super nice guy.”

“Connor and the band’s most personal journey, “New Hometown (Part 1)” is the definitive statement from CCSG. This eight song set of new material never strays far from the well-worn experiences of love, loss, music and drinking. Connor paints a picture of a wanderer’s life and a uniquely American experience – a rock n’ roll band with deep roots in the southern way of living and its musical tradition. Pianos, fiddles, guitars, banjos and mandolins mingle seamlessly with rich two, three, and four part harmonies along with a thundering rhythm section to create the kind of raw, heartfelt music that only CCSG can provide. Employing the many talents of producer John Briglevich (Goo Goo Dolls, Edwin McCain), guest appearances by Joey Huffman (Hank Williams Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd), Mark Van Allen (The Internationals, Blueground Undergrass) and other special guests, “New Hometown (Part 1)” sparkles and sizzles, and takes the listener on an emotional ride not soon to be forgotten.”

“I thought, damn I've made it to the big time when...You are going to laugh but on the Matchbox Twenty tour you had luggage tags assigning a different number to everybody in our entourage. It was beautiful; you never had to touch your luggage. Your luggage was waiting magically in your room when you got there. And then thirty minutes before checkout a guy would come around and collect it. I thought wow…I’ve really made it ”