Joey Hendrickson / Press

"It took us about three seconds to realize that Joey is an artist that needs to be added to everyone's playlist now."

Chris Tyng - Grow Music Project

"Joey's soulful voice and emotional lyrics should make scores of people fall in love with him, and provide the soundtrack for at least as many relationships coming together and falling apart - both real and scripted on movie and television screens everywhere."

"Midnight Streets of Campus feels real. I feel like I'm just kinda eavesdropping on the thoughts in somebody's head. And I think those are the best songs… I don't hear a songwriter at work, I hear a person communicating with me."

Barbara Cloyd - Hit Songwriter

"If any act stole the show, it was undoubtedly Joey Hendrickson and the Sleepless Nights."

"Singer/Songwriter Joey Hendrickson has a lot going for him."

"Astral Planes is a finished single that is both intimate and lush, without losing the emotional rawness found in Hendrickson's original demo."

“The extreme ups and downs in the Grow EP are very absorbing and make for an almost hypnotic experience.”

Felix Weber - Grammy Award Winning Producer

“In 2013, Joey performed in Music In The Round, the MacConnell Arts Center’s Songwriter Sampler, the Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza showcase, the Columbus Songwriters Association showcase at Woodlands, was selected as the finalist for the Donatos Pizza Songwriting Contest, and the Grow Music Project in Los Angeles.”

“We just listened through your EPK and you are obviously very talented.”

Jennifer McConnell - IC Artist Agency