Joe Yello Band / Press

“Awesome musicianship, Yello — your arrangements feel classic while fusing an array of rock genres. It's like a gritty punk battle in the alleyways of a Back to the Future — I dig it! Rock on!”

Shazdar - Reverbnation

“I love your power punk style. Great guitar riffs, vocal melodies, and solid drums! ”

Rose Lisa - Reverbnation

“Love your music. Hard yet upbeat. Great stuff!”

Jeanette Gagnon - Reverbnation

“If it was up to me you folks would be selling out football stadiums on a world wide tour, playing to legions of adoring fans. That is not up to me, but I can guarantee that this is great rock 'n roll!”

Frank of "Sills and Smith" - Reverbnation

“'The Girl For Me' really nice Power-Pop song, great vocals, lots of energy in the band, and a tight arrangement. Great song and our favourite for today. Cheers friends - TPK ”

from Reverbnation

“great energy.. I was moving n groovin the whole time I was listening”

sherry - entertainment & event management solutions

“Holy 1980 batman! You guys have a really cool retro sound...and your vocals are like a cross between Ray Davies and Ace Frehley. I dig it. Also, I respect any bass player that can play, sing, AND lug around an SVT rig. Keep up the good work.”

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