Joey Broyles / Press

"His rainbow-strewn storm-trooper debut tackles mindless music, gender expectations, corporate hypocrisy and rampant consumerism..."

“Broyles is a warrior for gay acceptance and in this he is fearless.”

“Chick Singer Night typically focuses on female vocalists, but this week it's also highlighting Joey Broyles, a local artist who challenges the community to examine the way it thinks about gender. He just released Future Pop Revolution, a fun, thoughtful debut with traces of Lady Gaga and RuPaul.”

“Joey Broyles’ “If This is a Love Song” combines elements of EDM with ripping guitar provided by Tallard so lots of synergies are at work on the CD. Broyles also created a video for the track.”

“Joey Broyles lives according to a simple, radical code: “Be yourself: It Will Change your life.””

“...from David Bowie to Andy Warhol to Lady Gaga to Baz Luhrmann, Broyles leaves no creative facet unexplored. A true visionary and a passionate man, Broyles lives a whirlwind life.”

"The theme of the RAW showcase was “Marvel” and the Project Famous crew delivered on that concept through the music and artistic embellishments — video, choreography, and makeup — of Broyles’ four songs."