Joe Wowk / Press

“I am proud to announce I have joined the Board of Directors of GeoNovus Media. I'm excited and looking forward to a long future working with some great people I highly respect in the music ,film and entertainment business.What a great way to start the New Year ! GeoNovus Media trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol GNM”

“Joe Wowk "The Tonebone Hot British is simply AWESOME!! I dial back my amps gain and bring up the Hot British 12AX7 tube drive for just the right amount of squeeze I need. It always sounds better with my Tonebone in front !!"”

“(Millennia Link) I used a Origin STT-1 "All-in-One"Recording System for all vocal's and my guitar's ,One Wicked unit!! They were nice enough to post some tune's on there web site.Thank's guy's”