Joe Whyte / Press

"4 Stars. A modern-day troubadour, New York City-based Joe Whyte is a singer-songwriter in the grand tradition of Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Weatherly and Mac Davis. He pens memorable songs that bridge folk, country, pop and soul in a craftsmanlike way, but never do they sound hackneyed or cliched. This six-track mini-album is full of the kind of songs that in the mid-1970s would’ve been covered by everyone from Val Doonican to Waylon Jennings, Gladys Knight to Linda Ronstadt. You’re unlikely to hear these songs covered on the radio today, so I suggest that you root around the internet and seek out this excellent recording. It will bring endless hours of listening pleasure."

Maverick Country (UK)

“4 stars. "Joe Whyte's new release, WHEN THE DAY BREAKS, is a slice of pop-Americana that straddles territory settled in the 70's by pioneers like Gordon Lightfoot and Stephen Stills and currently being reshaped by the likes of the Avett Brothers, Darrell Scott and Bruce Robison. Blending a pop songwriter's instinct for precision & hook with the warmth & authenticity in storytelling that are the trademarks of folk and country, Whyte rescues the much maligned genre and gives it beauty and depth." ”

"Joe Whyte is really very good at what he does, his rootsy Americana/folk is beautifully executed...'This City Is Alive' (is) solemn yet tinged with hope, it sets the bar high and confirms that Whyte will be a force in this genre. 'Off To War', with it's strong Nashville harmonies, reminds me of Desire-era Dylan which is no bad thing. Everything you'd expect from a record of this type is there, subtle guitar, haunting harmonica and melancholic, occasionally sentimental lyrics, all pulled together by Whyte's strong voice." - For Folk's Sake

"**** (4 stars). A significant achievement...The performance standard is high throughout...delicately crafted... Whyte's youthful tenor belies his maturity as a deft writer...it balances musical credibility with populist appeal in a way that is often made to look impossible by less adept artists."

Maverick Country (UK)

"**** (4 stars)! What a damn good album this is! Whyte has put together a collection of songs that stick with you from the very first time you hear them. He is, in our opinion, the most promising artist of the near future. Buy it immediately!"


"8 out of 10. Musically, the album is perfect. The title track is just beautiful, and well-arranged. 'Out of Tune' is again so fantastically arranged, and Joe's voice is really let to work on this song. I think with his talent for song writing he could really get some great results."

Americana UK

"Beautifully crafted, melancholic Americana...Joe Whyte knows how to deliver...a seamlessly consistent songwriter...being likened to certain stars such as Ryan Adams and Ray Lamontagne, Joe takes his place somewhere between the two...engaging and profound ballads for the new Americana generation."

Joel Crane, UK reviewer for NME, Mojo and Q

"Joe Whyte is going to make history with this album, and you heard it here first...Impresses from the start...he launches himself straight into the circle of promising singer-songwriters who we simply have to keep our eye on. A must-buy album!!!"


"BEST OF 2007! This album is why I love Americana music...a flat out great CD...I want to hear more...the guy's got it going on from the writing perspective...he sounds fantastic. Check him out!"