Derogatory DeathMetal / Press

“Stand up to Dracula! The bloodsucking bastard has plagued us long enough! I bet DEROGATORY could drive a Heavy Metal stake through the sunuvabitches heart (with my help of course) with their ass slammin' Death Metal! Hailing from Pico Rivera , CA these Metal warriors have 3 songs on their reverbnation page you can check out and they're pretty fuckin' good! To me they sound like a late 80's Death/Thrash from South America that somehow got a good sound. Rhythm guitarist Christian Ordonez has a good set of pipes! He's got a cool fuckin' growl and I bet he's loud if ya saw 'em live. Some good solos from the lead guitarist as well! I really wonder how they recorded these songs cos' it has a raw sound , raw but good. There bio says they should be releasing a EP this month or the next. Maybe they'll come on down to San Antonio and play the basement of THE KOROVA? That'd be cool. Alot of really good Death and Thrash bands springin' outta Cali these days and DEROGATORY is one of 'em. *arty”