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"Guaranteed good tunes with love, humor, philosophy, and plain old good grooves. Joe and cast really put together a treat for the ears...Joe's clever writing and song smithery are top notch. Getcha some." --Praise for the new CD Prophetstown by the joedai warriors (from singer-songwriter-musician Rick Mummey, host of the Mumcast)

“A..."magnificent opus. For indeed, it is more than just a gathering together of wonderful songs. It is, in fact, a carefully woven tapestry, its soulful threads blending to yield an overall marvelous depiction of humanity's imperfections and failures." --Praise for the CD Prophetstown by the joedai warriors (from poet Frederick Michaels)”

“WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Joe Peters can tell you stories about the many places he's lived. About their impact on him, the people and their effect on his songwriting. Peters and his wife, Dai Peters, have traveled the world for their careers. He has worked in natural resources management — specifically fire and national park management along with environmental education. Dai Peters has worked in the agricultural sector, he said. As a resident of Greater Lafayette for most of the last 11 years, Peters has pulled together these experiences in a place where he has grown musically both on his own and through collaborations. Now, he'll take that experience and perform one more show — a second album release concert for "Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown," by Peters and featuring guitarist Michael Kelsey and others — as a Hoosier resident before he and his wife move to the San Francisco Bay Area to be close to her mother. The show includes music from Kelsey's new album, "Natural Selec”

“Here are excerpts from Peters' interview with the Journal & Courier. On how Peters' travels have influenced his songwriting. The top of Mount Bromo, a volcano in Indonesia, is where Peters wrote his first song. And experiences living and becoming close with the Malagasy people in Madagascar led Peters to write "Malagasy Memories." "That song was just a summation of my reverence for these people that allowed us to live in their lives and taught us so much," he said. The "Celery Bog Boogie" pays homage to the West Lafayette nature area where he often hikes to center himself, he said.”

“Here are excerpts from Peters' interview with the Journal & Courier. On Peters' favorite collaborations in Greater Lafayette. Peters said guitarist Michael Kelsey — a well-respected performer and 2004 Guitarmageddon winner — has been one of his major influences and collaborators. Peters recorded his first album with Kelsey in 1998 and has worked with him since. "(I) just found a wonderful musical home with (Kelsey), and we've really bonded over these two decades," Peters said. Peters also found a strong community of artists and musicians here. He met many as a member and past president of the Songwriters Association of Mid-North Indiana. More collaborators include Amanda Fletcher, Chase Cotten, Allison Nyquist and Linda Hicks, among others.”

“Here are excerpts from Peters' interview with the Journal & Courier. On what Peters is most excited about on his recent album. While on an Iceland hike, Peters found these words written in the snow: "Find the Yeti in You." "It was such a wild landscape — and raw and cold and windy, and just those elements came together, so I wrote down that phrase and some time later turned it into a song," he said. After sharing it at a songwriters meeting, fellow musician Nicky Kerr expressed her admiration for it and offered to sing harmony. So Peters invited her to record with him at Kelsey's studio. The performance and dynamic turned out so well that Kerr will now work with Kelsey on her first album. "I just love making those connections and facilitating those sorts of things as well," Peters said.”

“Hold the press, this just in, BREAKING news! Joe Peters is a BIG FAT LIAR, also the title of his brand new record with Michael Kelsey (the joedai warriors).”

“After eight years and an estimated 500 shows as a full-time songwriter and recording artist, local musician Joe Peters is stepping away from the stage — but not without a last hurrah. Peters collaborated with the Joedai Zombies, a group of 11 of his friends and supporters, for a full length, 16-track album called “Last Gasp.” The musicians will come together again for a release show at 7 p.m. Friday at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Meridian St., West Lafayette. The show is free, and a free copy of the CD will be available. Peters, a former Songwriters Association of Mid-North Indiana president, shared more about his time in the spotlight and departure here.”

“Joe Peters is a songwriter first and world traveler a close second. The local musician's latest trip abroad to Kenya was to visit his wife, Dai, who is working with African farmers as an agriculture research scientist. This time, Peters brought a Taylor GS mini guitar to write music while overseas. The instrument fit comfortably in the overhead compartment. Months later, Peters came back with several new songs for his ongoing Joedai Warriors project with local guitar master Michael Kelsey. Recorded in Kelsey's new Indianapolis studio, "Over the Edge" offers 11 fresh tracks of Peters folk tunes "Kelsified" with percussion and lead electric and acoustic guitar work that adds sonic color, texture and shine to the tracks. Most tunes offer harmony vocals from Linda Hicks, another longtime collaborator with Peters.”