Joe - NYC Guitarist / Press

“Ride with Us"AMAZING SPANISH GUITAR...sooo south of the border bikers stars in the desert freedom banner song!”

Hidden Mountain - Reverbnation

“Amazing tracks! I love the tone of every song! I especially love Ride With Us. It has this seductive and sultry vintage feel that makes it instantly addictive. Awesome collaboration you guys have have created. So classic but with such a unique, modern twist!”

Jules Marie - Reverb Nation

“Joe-I would love to grab you and drag you into a studio for about a month !!”

Monica Dupont - Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador - Reverbnation

“Wishing you would be MY guitar man coz I wouldnt have to rack my brains on software that really puts me off and your style always AMAZES me !!!!”

Fefe - Identity - Reverb Nation

“kickin my weekend early rockin w/ JOE-NYC..........great tunes and production from a guy with an uncanny instinctive ear for what sounds good, and who knows how to get the job done!! ..what else can i say besides, TURN IT UP and PLAY ALL”

Billy T Scrapper - Reverb Nation

“Joe manages to capture the sounds & even visions of those NYC streets as well as lots of emotions we all feel throughout our days.This is hard workin man & woman's music.True is every sense of the word.Now who's got them gold rings on Mr. Joe?? ;)”

Auriemma - Reverbnation

“Joe... You are such an awesome musician yourself! If you were near me believe me... You WOULD be in my band! You a an incredible guitarist”

Dorie Pride - Reverb Nation

“Ok..no fair! Brooklyn is holding one of the best guitarists hostage when I need one so desperately. I'm going to occupy main street in my own protest! "Joe, the famous shredder, needs to spread his talent around the world". Now..back to my favorite station.."WJOE Broadcasting."”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Nation

“This ain't no sissy guitar work! These are meat-and- potatoes, stick to your mind and soul chops wrested out of shed hours that would daunt the weakest. Absolutely liquid smooth and dangerous, Joe. ”

David Namerow - Reverb Nation

“Howdy from Austin Texas. I have hired a team of ex Navy Seals to kidnap you and bring you to Austin so I can hire you to record and play live. Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing your soul. Cheers.”

Wade from Shadebull - Reverb Nation

“Not just anybody can put N.Y.C as their moniker, that's earned!..i hear it...u rock man!”

Gwamba - Reverbnation

“You'll get a kick out of this. Friends dropped in and caught the last 1/2 of your set and I ended up having to play the first 1/2 over again. So yeah - folks are diggin it man!”

Rick Frost - Reverb Nation


Mike Sanders - Reverb Nation

“Howdy from Austin Texas, Yall. There is a depth and gravity in this collection that bears further reflection. Joe's take on Santana and the Allman's is pure genius. If you live in The New York area and are seeking a producer/guitar player, Joe is the man. ”

Wade from Shadebull - Reverb Nation

“Keep pushing you're a great guitarist, I wish I could play like you on my gigs”

Bella Sky - Reverb Nation

“Joe, you are a fine muscian and one of the best guitar players here ! Keep kicking out great songs and I will keep listening !”

Six String Woody - Reverb Nation

“Joe has something you can't learn or buy. A bold sense of what and when to play with fearless tone and an unwavering command of his own soul. This may sound simple but it's not. Wade ”

Shadebull - Wade - Reverb Nation

“You're awesome on the guitar my friend!”

Shelby from Promize - Reverb Nation

“Your not just a great guitar player but a superb bass player.”

Shadebull - Reverb Nation

“hey Joe!!!! YOU ROCK!!! AWESOME musicianship.........just love listening to you play!!!!!!!!!♥♥”

Terri McPhail Chaisson - Reverb Nation

“Great music...your guitar playing is amazing...keep rockin.”

Vlay - Reverb Nation

“Always a huge fan of yours in your own right and in Battle Maiden ! YOUR AN AMAZING GUITARIST AND IN A GREAT BAND WITH GREAT SONGS :”

L Perry - Reverb Nation

“Joe, you are truly a master of your craft..plus you rock the heck out of everything you do :-) Great work.”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Nation

“Hey Joe, You absolutely freakin rock on the guitar! :) Have a great day my friend! hugs, D♥”

Dianne - Reverb Nation

“Good morning Joe, I listened to your song this weekend & it is really good! Congrats to you & Maude (she has a unique & wonderful voice... a combo of the song & her voice reminded me three artists voices & styles... Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks & Blondie)... so glad you two connected. Canji”

Canji - New Music Announcement

“Wow- what an amazing new direction! Clearly put in a lot of effort. Thanks for sharing.”

Joseph T Moran - New Music Announcement

“Joe...just listened to "Restless and Discontent" --- wow! What a great song. Maude's vocals are quite stellar and your leads are uber-tasty. Congrats on the rapid ascent on Reverbnation.com! ”

Lisa Torch - New Music Announcement

“Hey Joe: What a freaking awesome track! Maude is dead-on, and I can just feel you coming alive working with this group, so tight and vibrant at the same time. I couldn't be happier for you. Love, Fran.”

Franny Taylor - New Music Announcement

“Joe, No surprise, the passion you feel comes out in your music. The cream rises to the top! love the music, even better when you remember where it all started!! all the best”

Robb Banyai - New Music Announcement

“Battle Maiden, its for real. I hadn't heard you live in a long time but knew it was you immediately.”

Alison Mazer - Alisongs Music Management - Email


L Perry - Reverb Nation

“Awesome guitar work! Sophi from Houston”

Sophi from Houston - Reverb Nation