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“Video for "Bad Day" featured on Scopemag.com”

“Joe Moorhead brings a tropical spirit to the stage whenever he performs with his band. As a result it’s altogether fitting that the latest music video from the Ohio native was filmed in the Caribbean.”

“The band is gathering up fans and building momentum along the way like a whipping island breeze about to transform into a tropical storm.”

“Artist feature on the band”

“Interview with Joe for the album release of "Tides are Rising"”

“This album had me in the mood to be on a a beach somewhere, anywhere, with a cold drink in my hand, my friends to joke with, and some water and other things to look at.”

“Joe Moorhead, thankfully, is a musician who provides music which can relax even the most stressed of souls - imagine a more relaxed Jack Johnson if you will.”

"Sunshine Driving" featured on The Music Court blog

“Ohio band Joe Moorhead sets the mood for the transition of summer to autumn in their new album, “Tides Are Rising.””

“Though he’s from Cleveland, Moorhead’s songs sound tailor made for a tropical island as he channels mellow vibes and a laid back feel that transports the listener to a place where the stresses of everyday life are void.”

“An impressive lyrical flow that draws on new definition as much as it draws on the classic shoreline sounds of Otis Redding and Jimmy Buffet.”

"Blue" from the new album featured on The Chill Zone on Red Dragon Radio

“Video for "Bad Day" featured on the Islands website”

“Pittsburgh Post Gazette article on the album release and touring.”

“Blog post featuring the video for "Bad Day"”

“Moorhead’s laid-back delivery and sunny acoustic strum makes you believe that a bad day in paradise is still better than a bad day anywhere else.”

“Pittsburgh CD release party for "Tides are Rising" featured on the Hugh Shows blog”

“Summer vacation has arrived with Joe Moorhead's new video "Bad Day"”

“Blog post featuring the video for "Bad Day".”

“Blog post featuring the video for "Bad Day".”

“Features the new single "Sunshine Driving".”

“Joe Moorhead and company craft songs that seem tailor-made for those lazy, summer afternoons or those cold winter days when you can’t help but dream of tropical paradises”

“Musicians songs for Father's Day”

“Celebrate summer with a fresh tomato recipe and the Joe Moorhead Bands new single "Sunshine Driving".”

“Features the new single "Sunshine Driving". ”

“Features the new single "Sunshine Driving".”

“Your new summer anthem - Sunshine Driving by Joe Moorhead”

“Featured "Sunshine Driving" on Pick Your Poison Wednesday.”

“I have just mastered Joe Moorhead's latest CD and I've noticed that he is an artist that is not standing still. The latest effort shows that his music communicates to the listener better than ever. He truly is an artist that continues to please his audience because there is always something new and fresh.”

Bernie Grundman - Bernie Grundman Mastering

"Loved having Joe Moorhead as the headlining act at our Spring Fling event. Not only was the music enjoyable, but the personality and spirit of the group put the event over the top. We would love to have the band back!"

Concert Coordinator - Morehead State University

““Joe Moorhead was a great addition to our concert lineup! They put on a great show and were easy to work with.””

Meghan Harr - Old Dominion University

"Students absolutely loved them!" ... saying "We enjoyed this band, they were awesome!"

Jennifer Jones - Ohio University

"When listening to the music of Joe Moorhead, you feel like you are laying on a beach soaking up some rays and you don't have a care in the world. They are an awesome group of guys and are so easy to work with! They guarantee you a good time!"

Amy Doeber - Illinois Wesleyan University

“Their stage set-up looked awesome and they sounded great. It was a fun night!”

Samantha Dixon - Aurora University

"Joe Moorhead Band made our Muddy Sunday and amazing success! This event will be talked about for the rest of the year!"

Concert Coordinator - University of Notre Dame

“LOVE THEM, Seriously!”

Jalea T Moses - Dartmouth College

"Joe Moorhead was a wonderful band...They interacted with the crowd, provided great music, the band’s members were friendly, flexible and great to work with."

Michelle Stover - Illinois State University