*José E. Mataloni / Press

“I compose acousmatic works, electroacoustic Poetry, sonorous architecture, free textures, subjective and playwrights tridimensional sonorous spaces. ”

My Music

“Tightrope Walker in the Abyss is an accousmatic, poetic, conceptual and experimental work.”

Text 1

“It´s divided in pieces that takes the form of Internal Metaphores related and suggested in their tittles.”

Text 2

“I am exploring, in a ludic and metaphorical way, interaction between balance sense, hearing and listening.”

Text 3

“I see resemblances between your "Gravitational slope" and my "Threnos"! What do you think?? Jul 21”

RN - Katerina Stamatelos

“Interesting blending of sounds, like audio animations. Jul 24”

RN - Mike Cliffe

“José, thank you for your music too, I love electronic music, haven;t experimented much with it but one of my composition teachers studied with Ussachevsky. Keep up the good work! Jul 27”

RN - Troy Lennerd

“Wow! Your music is absolutely OUTSTANDING! Your sounds bring out so much emotion. They are ADDICTIVE! I could stay here all day. Best, Wayne Sep 03”

r - Tapped Out Beats

“Hi Jose! Thanks for the friendship! Most beautiful electroacoustic poems! Best wishes! Sep 08”

RN - LPB band

“Estimado José, acabo de escuchar tu música. Felicitaciones! Es de una profunda poesía..., algo raro en la música electroacústica, a decir verdad, algo raro en cualquier música. Un fuerte abrazo Juan Sep 18”

RN - Juan Ortiz de Zarate

“Freaking awesome! It's like listening to a dancing mechanical snake's stomach with a stethoscope after it swallowed some great music. I love it! Nov 09”


“Hey great atmospherical work! A red hot pot of cool sounds bubbling away to satisfy my ears ;-) Really good soundscapes in "Gravitational Slope To The Emptiness!" Rather similar to some of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop soundtracks ... Dec 29”

r - PhaseShift-180

“喂 Jose Mataloni 这听起来很有趣的我。祝您好运 lihaosheng Jan 26”

r - 李浩生:

"Tightrope Walking in the Abyss" challenges the imagination and takes it to another dimension! Thank you Jose! Carlos Mar 04

rt - CMongrooves

“Your music led to a unprecedented listening experience by its many variations that bands micro-and macro organism together. A space shuttle takes me to an outer space where my organ of Corti resides amid an well-controlled nuclear ... Mar 22”

rte - cesli vane