Joe Marson / Press

“Combining clever turns of phrase and hard earned wisdom with crisp melodies and lyrical guitar playing, the multi-talented 26 year old New York-based performer spins a colorful tale about his solo musical journey.”

“...he takes an amazing range of influences with the stuff that he does. He's got an amazing voice and I think you'll love his songs as well”

Matt Pinfield, Host of MTV's 120 Minutes

"Ya gotta live through it before you can sing about it...thanks Joe for being a beautiful voice for those feeling hopeless!"

Gene Bowen, former tour manager of Jeff Buckley and founder of Road Recovery

“At 25, his soulful tracks pack wisdom and experience beyond their years.”

“Postcards From Siren City" is a great escape without leaving home. The first time I played it I knew it was already one of my old favorites. Goddamit Julia conveys perfectly the enticing sorrow of love lost. Easily worthy of the stereos repeat setting.”

Cynthia Click, Music Director - KMUD 91.1

"Joe Marson's record Post Cards From Siren City contains a soulfulness that I haven't heard on a record in quite some time. Marson tests out his vocal range here and it seems as if it has no limit as his voice soars on some tracks while he croons on others. Expect to hear some solid blues influence from Marson's guitar as he continues to hone his craft throughout the world."

Anthony Saia, Music Director - KUOI 89.3