Joel T. Henderson / Press

“Locked Doors & Pretty Fences,” the new release by Louisville-based Joel Henderson should be a required relationship album.”

June Wulff - The Boston Globe

“Locked Doors and Pretty Fences is kind of a throwback to the days when a vinyl LP had two distinctly different yet somehow matching sides. It’s also a marvelous collection of organic music that draws water from the wells of folk, rock, gospel, blues and originality and pours it over an all-star cast of performers that allows the album to blossom into one of the most pleasant surprises of the year thus far. If a song can be judged by subtle lyrics that jump out and grab you even though you are completely drawn in by the music then Joel Henderson has to stand up and take his place in the discussion about really good songwriters. This is good folks, and it deserves some legitimate attention.”

William Hurley - The Alternate Root Magazine

“Joel Henderson’s latest release, “Locked Doors and Pretty Fences” is as refreshing as a warm spring day. His voice is captivating and has the power to smooth out any rough edges life can sometimes inflict. It is a journey through dreamy passages that leave you awestruck from its beauty.”

Rebecca Hosking - Skope Magazine

“The sound of a heartland rocker losing heart, Locked Doors finds Joel Henderson shuffling begrudgingly into middle age. On opener “Growing Up (Is Hard to Do),” he sets the tone, trying in vain to remember even the previous night’s dreams. On “Heartless Kisses” he stews in the ashes of a once-blazing romance, and on “This Time of Year” not even the onset of spring can brighten his mood. In terms of hard-bitten realism, the topper is “Beyond the Fence,” wherein the singer and his wife ask themselves whether they have a future. On the escapist fare “Are We Running” they pose the question more as Bruce Springsteen might, taking to the highway on a tailwind of guitars.”

M Music Magazine