Joel Maitoza / Press

“Listening to Strength In Numbers. You are such a BADASS!!!!!! You are my hero dude. WOW! Just incredible...every track!.I totally hate you...and I mean that in the most loving sense. You are seriously my hero! ”

Nate Morton (Drummer for Cher & TV show The Voice)

“You play the drums like you could be Deen Castronovo’s little brother.”

Marty Freidman

“Joel is a really, really talented drummer.”

Barry Squire (Columbia Records)


Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big/Racer X)

“Sleek, metallic funk, strong and uncompromising- The Spyz easily withstand comparisons with their more celebrated contemporaries.”

Melody Maker

“Album: Strength in Numbers, Grade: A- As the Spyz songs keep sprouting unexpected new limbs, the band leaves you dazzled with their ambition.”

Entertainment Weekly

“24-7 Spyz: Strength In Numbers (4 stars) Call the paramedics!!! This album is fun, melodic, and enlightening. It’s what we might be hearing more of if more musicians were open to different styles-and the ability to play them. It also proves that music knows no color and no prejudice, judging more on creativity and (sometimes, as in the case of 24-7 Spyz) talent!”

Rip Magazine

“On the CD, This Is...24-7 Spyz, drummer Joel Maitoza goes on to help develop the bands most compleate package to date.”

Guitar for the Practicing Musician

“The ravenous way the Spyz play combined with their mixture of metal, hardcore, rock, rap, funk, soul and reggae make things volatile to themselves and their fans.”


“Strength In Numbers is challenging, exciting, and dizzying. This album showcases the band’s rich diversity. It moves along the spectrum of funk, rock, soul, rap and reggae, sounding different with each listen.”

Rolling Stone

“Maitoza proves his bandmates made the correct choice on his first full-length recording with them, Strength In Numbers, where he deftly kicks the band through a tight, gut-hitting, groove-laden mix of metal, funk, jazz stylings, and reggae.”

Modern Drummer

“24/7 SPYZ: “This album is like a good party: Anything can happen, and if you stick around long enough, it probably will. The combination of mayhem and messages make this a piece of killer work.” ”

Spin Magazine