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“We are the messengers of the cosmos. I generally also speak about the correlation between Music and a foreign Language. Music is like a library of languages from this realm and beyond. Music has the ability to communicate through the Field being faster than the speed of light. It travels through vibrations which makes us feel the intent of the musicians or even the writer. Music can be simply compared to a foreign language. The theory and understanding of the basics is just like learning grammar and phonics. So if you study, and or consciously are engaged with the language on a daily basis, you will be able to speak in a matter of time. Finally for those people who have a true message from the universe, the universe will make a way for this message to get to the masses. etc...”

“Joel Holmes is the right artist that has created the right album at the right time. "African Skies" is a plush adventure of styles, genres and cultures. From the African continent to Cuba to the Far East...from contemporary jazz to fusion to R&B Joel Holmes takes his listeners on a global sonic journey that is not to be missed.”

“ “African Skies” is truly an original album that any jazz and jazz fusion fan should add to their collection. ”

“Joel Holmes is a name to file and track. His well-crafted compositions are expressions of his Christian faith, with titles like “Holyspirit” and “Divine Revelation” and “Tomorrow’s Light.””

Thomas Conrad - Jazztimes

“Baltimore, MD -- Joel Holmes , a traditional jazz pianist from Baltimore, MD, has released his brand new album Eternal Vision. The CD contains 13 tracks of inspirational music that soothes the soul, taking the listener on an unforgettable journey through jazz standards, arrangements and originals. “This debut by Baltimore pianist Joel Holmes is without question a serious jazz album full of tightly executed ideas and strong chops," Eliot Caroom of the Baltimore Jazz Alliance writes”

Eliot Caroom - Baltimore Jazz Alliance Magazine

“At the age of 22, Joel Holmes chose to record Eternal Vision in 2005. On his first album, Holmes gives an indication of his enduring and future interests. Combining religious allusions in songs like “Holyspirit” with several jazz standards like “Solar,” Holmes nonetheless connects all of the music with spiritually charged emotion and musical imagination.”

“Joel Holmes in concert”