Joe Lasher Jr. / Press

“Lasher is a voice, tone and attitude that make you set down your drink, only to swing around from the bar and say, “Damn, who in the hell is that up there?””

“I can understand why there is a lot to Joe Lasher Jr. that ‘rock fans’ are going love. And, it didn’t take me long to discover there is a lot to Joe that country fans are going to love, too. He talked to his audience from the stage. And, like Scotty McCreery the night before, Joe Lasher Jr. is not ashamed of his faith. I loved when he told us that Rule No. 2 is “Don’t ever forget where you came from”. And, Rule No. 1 is “Jesus is your savior, He died for you.” Those are definitely two very important rules. And, I hope as long as he is singing, that he will continue to share those rules with is audiences.”

"Devil in a Jar isn’t your typical after-school project. His Joe Lasher Jr.'s) deep, bass vocals, big drum beats and alt-rock-style guitar licks, complete with feel-good, pop country lyrics — Bud Light, fishing holes and hanging with buddies included — make for a mature (not to mention fun) offering." - Mountain Xpress, Asheville NC

“I am speaking for the majority when I tell you that what we heard was a very talented musician, with powerful vocals, a kind who knew how to keep his audience entertained. And, what we saw was a strong, vigorous, energetic performance by an up-and-coming artist who without a doubt has a very bright future ahead of him in the world of Country / Rock Music.”

“Emerging Southern Country Rock artist Joe Lasher Jr announces the release of his debut album, “Devil in a Jar” set for independent release on February 1, 2014 at a special event to be held in Asheville, NC and via all major digital outlets, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/01/prweb11467836.htm”