Joe Johnson & the Bluebacks / Press

“What does this band need? Nothing! What could they have done to have a better show? Nothing! Most everyone at the party said what a phenomenal band they are. First standing O of the year too. I couldn't think of anything that could have any better. If you're a club owner and have a crowd that enjoys music or are throwing a party and have friends who are music lovers...HIRE THESE GUYS...they're out of Holland MI and you won't be disappointed..."I" guarantee it! — with Joe Johnson & the Bluebacks.”

Jack Mulder - Howl 'n Blues

“You and the band were awesome, and we want you back by popular demand.....Thanks ........”

“Me play drum... ha ha ha ha”

Randy Barett - Joe Johnson & the Bluebacks

“beer me...”

Scotty B - Joe Johnson & the Bluebacks

“The Blues Bash was great... Joe stopped by from Holland Michigan and sat in with Buster Blues band members and turned it out. I got to get this guy a date at Dreamers...He can play some Blues...seriously...”

Mal Williams - Dreamers Blues Bar

“We're the best Blues band we've ever played with”

Joe Johnson - Joe Johnson Band

“We Love We”

Dave Monetza - Dave Monetza Bass Guitar