Joe Gande / Press

“Wow. You have a truly inventive mind for your music. After listening to every posted song and video, I'm convinced of this. I'm glad you're moving rock music forward with the things that you do! Your music is filled with joy, power, and desire. I am glad that I also heard your recorded works over at ReverbNation as well. They are just terrific! May your success and your musical future be bright”

Jerome Lee - Jerome Lee, Bassist, jeromelee.net

“Your music makes my blood sing, my mind open, my heart weep. Thank you for sharing such an amazing part of yourself with all of us.I wanted you to know that you, your voice, your passion.... you made my day today. Keep playing the music that flies from your soul to your mind, to the tip of your fingers and lips. I have been blessed to cross your path, in this life time.”

Rebecca Sturgill - Rebecca Sturgill, Fan

“A great musical talent, a real professional and very good man. His talent is only superseded by his heart”

Howard C Holbert · Songwriter, Poet, Artist - Howard C Holbert · Songwriter, Poet, Artist

“Everything about this collection of songs reflects an honest and truthful approach towards the experiences and emotions that we all share.Intelligent, observational lyrics that are timeless.”

“The retro feel to the music is refreshing and complements Joe's voice perfectly with echoes of the 70's-Motown, Gospel and Big Band creating an emotional pull that is irresistible.”

“This is the fare best music I have come to stumble on by mistake in my life! The lyrics are fantastic and so are the harmonies in the music.Listen, enjoy and let yourself be enchanted...”

Maggie Thorup - Maggie Thorup, Fan, Sweden

“Man, you've got a GREAT voice...songs & the whole vibe are very cool too.:)”

Douglas Craig - nycmusic.net

“Joe could move anyone with his voice and guitar.It would be hard to listen to this music and not walk away thinking about what you just heard. "Addictive". "An emotional journey into your soul”

“I heard something that in a world of Spears, N'Sync, and Christina's I hadn't heard in a LONG time: PASSION.That's right, I heard some soul, feeling, guts, balls, tears, screams, and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.”

“For the grown-up, like the people who went through the 60's and 70's, to the new young rock fan alike...It is not so easy to find a new favorite musical artist these days...however...if you are enthusiastic to rock music, it is now possible to find a great one...Joe Gande”

“You are such a great artist!! I really like your songs, your voice...Thank you for a great show!”