Joe C. / Press

“Broken life may be my favorite song I've heard on RN this year. Your blending of alt and hip hop is so cool and well done. I am such a huge fan of everlast so hearing someone attempting that genre does my heart good. Real deal best wishes 12 string scott”

12 string scott - ReverbNation

"sometimes I wonder why I keep falling down these stairs of heartbreak.." Really diggin your writing bro..love that "Little Princess" tune..I can really relate to that! and "circles" is such a wicked good lyric..your style almost feels like a Tom Waits or Henry Rollins type poet but with a richer, more melodic edge. Great songs, and really diggin your skills!

Mike White Presents - ReverbNation

“Great songs. You are one of those artists that can sing with their tongue planted in their cheek. Circles is the best, or perhaps Broken Life. I don't know, I recommend listening to the lot. ”

The Electric Era - ReverbNation