Joe Cassady & The West End Sound / Press

“It doesn't take a genius to work out that Joe Cassady is a damn fine musician and an even better songwriter.”

Maverick Magazine (UK)

"The 47th Problem" named in "Best of 2009"

Frank Ostergren - Rootsy.nu

"The 47th Problem" Named in "Best of 2009" by Hi-Fi & Musik MAgazine in Sweden

Hi-Fi & Musik

"Who? From where? I'm taken aback and come to think of Amazing Rhythm Aces and so I have to come to terms with the surprise. Can someone tell me how I've been able to miss this band? Tell me!"

Frank Ostergren - Rootsy.nu

"The biggest surprises and successes of the weekend came on the Saturday. In the mid-afternoon Joe Cassady and the West End Sound came on stage and set the place alight...they played tuneful, lyrical roots rock and would have played for another half hour if the crowd had got their way..."

John Davy - Flyingshoes Review

“Cassady and his pals continue to merge the best of various fringe and underground sounds into a special Americana gumbo that you label that way because there’s no other way to make the uninitiated understand.”

“What's Your Sign? Named "One of My Favorite Albums of 2007"”

“What's Your Sign? Named by Soundstage! as one of the "Best Recordings of 2007".”

“Though founded in Manhattan’s quite urban Lower East Side in 2005, Joe Cassady and the West End Sound come off like sonic cousins to The Drive-By Truckers with a touch of early ’90s Soul Asylum recklessness.”

“This was music of subtle textures, it had a polished surface that enticed into a disturbing yet welcoming world that mixed the surreal with beat poet wanderings, then mixed it all up again with an seeming effortless folk rock boogie.”

"Heavy shit indeed!"

Jan Wolfer - Hooked on Music