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““For just one scene in the upcoming Prowler game for Origin, composer Joe Basquez wrote six different pieces of music, which he labeled "normal," "interest," "low combat," "high combat," "victory," and "failure." "There can be abrupt changes at any time," says Basquez. "You have to write music to accommodate that." Not only that, but Basquez, like all computer game composers, writes the music based solely on the storyline. The graphics do not come until later.””

““The original soundtrack for the program was composed by Joe Basquez of Austin, Texas. Basquez who describes his style as a cross-pollination of song-writing, composition and electronica, says "the America Responds soundtrack was born of the gamut of emotions and national pride we all experienced as we watched the horror of the events of September 11, 2001 unfold."””

““Here are my thoughts when I finally got my copy of Alamo extra Joe Basquez's "Extra Notes, 13 Days At The Alamo" CD in the mail and gave it a listen. Nice. Your presence on the set is very evident, judging from the overall "feel" of the disc. For those on the set experienced something very unique and came away from the production with a perspective that cannot be wholly explained.””

““The Reckoning is the first venture from HollyHood Productions , a film production company co-founded by Adel L. Morales, Julio Antonio Toro, and Frankie Villanueva. Edwin Pagan, the vice-chair of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) and president of NALIP New York, served as the Director of Cinematography. The ominous score was composed by NALIP-Austin's own, Joe Basquez.””

““The Blade of the King idea film was shot at just about 00. This included the charge of food, travel costs and some equipment rentals. We had an first score by composer Joe Basquez of Ultima On-line fame and our sword master was Alan Hutton from Disney’s “The Alamo”. ” Alan Hutton - Blog”

Alan Hutton - Blog

““After portraying a Tejano in John Lee Hancock’s production, The Alamo, Joe Basquez composed an album containing additional musical themes that would have been appropriate for the movie. Appropriately titled, The Alamo—Extra Notes, it is darn good stuff. ” ”

““Austin-based composer, Joe Basquez, went the extra mile after participating as an extra on the production of the upcoming movie "Alamo". He composed 14 tracks of music, released as the CD, aptly named "Extra Notes - 13 Days at the Alamo".””